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Tony Sampson



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Tony Sampson



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Tony Dampson
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Tony Sampson is a Canadian voice and television actor working out of Ocean Group and Mainframe Entertainment, both based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has done voice work on characters such as Eddy in "Ed, Edd n Eddy" and Ray "Berzerker" Crisp in X-Men Evolution.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Cool this guy is awesome, in Ed Eddn Eddy and probably in life!!!

    Well I do have to say 3 words for this guy 1. he 2. completely 3. rocks!!!! Whats not to love about his guy, he does the voice of Eddy in Ed Eddn Eddy. He has a great voice to produce to an extremely high one like Eddies. This guy should have rosen a lot higher than he did. The show couldn't havee lived with out him. He is perfect. A striaght line and an egg shaped zero. 10 out of 10. And that is the large truth and it even shows in his ratings!! Way to go!!!!! Who ho!!!moreless
  • My other main man!!!

    Tony sampson is one of my favorite voice actors. Tony sampson did the voice of one of the charaters of ed edd n eddy and thats Eddy. Tomy sampson did a good job with Eddy`s voice cause it really matches Edd and the voice. This guy is a true king. I bet Tony samson won a annae award for his great voice in ed edd n eddy. Im glad he did one the of a charaters in one of my favorite shows on earth. Tomy sampson is great as Rob paulsen, Jess harnell, Tress macneille, Tom kenny, Tara strong, Maurice laMarche, Matt hill, and Samuel vincent. I dont know what else to say but you know what I mean when I say Tony sampson is one of my favorite voice actors.moreless