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  • Tony Shalhoub is underated and my review tells why.

    Tony Shalhoub has acted in many blockbuster hits, his characters being as diverse as they can be. From Jeebs of Men in Black and Men in Black II to Adrian Monk in the Monk T.V. series. From Spy Kids to Thir13en Ghosts, he has been constantly insulted by Hollywood consistenty overlooking him for nominations and awards. Many actors can\'t/don\'t play diverse roles. They play roles where they are listed as an \'Action Star\', \'Comedy Star\', etc. Director Stephen Herek (Life or Something Like It) has even dubbed him as one of Hollywood\'s most underrated actors. His role as Adrian Monk on television show, Monk receives wide audiences, but not everyone since it is a cable show. I for one think he has the talent to receive roles in movies that Mel Gibson, who in my opinion is overrated, can receive. Tony Shalhoub has the talent, but many of Hollywood\'s A-List directors seemingly ignore him.
  • A true genius that can shine with a cast rather then brighter then them.

    Whether it is Gattaca, Men in Black, or Wings, Tony Shalhoub has given a great preformance. He have never seemed truely brilliant but he hasn't even been truely lackluster.

    When Monk finally came on the air with Tony Shalhoub as a lead for no apparent reason, there was a couple confused people to say the least, but after a couple episodes the brilliance of the actor is able to be scene. Adrianne Monk from Monk, is a neurotic worried and pained man, and Mr. Shalhoub is able to show that in almost every scene he plays.

    When you watch his acting, you can notice he's not actually just going through the motions, there's real emotions behind it, where he's afraid of these things and you can see that the actor is s step above the others.

    The greatest skill though is to give a convincing performance, but not to overstep the boundaries. He doesn't show off or become the only thing you watch the show for, it's his interactions and his ability to work with the other characters that makes him so special.

    When watching him on Wings' later years you notice he gets bigger and bigger parts but he remains in character as a Italian Immegrant. He doesn't change to make it an easier to portray character, which is what makes his skill so specoal.

    He is perhaps that one rare actor who will never get the credit he fully deserves but his work will always have a special shine that other with the same acting talent will do, but wish to hog the limelight will be unable to do.
  • An appreciation of Tony Shalhoub.

    Not only do I adore this man, but I also respect him. His portrayal of an obsessive compulsive detective on Monk is simultaneously funny, touching, and awe-inspiring.

    Tony is gifted actor but he goes beyond that. He is one of those rare people in Hollywood who hones his craft with delicacy and care. He deserves all his successes and much more.

    Thank you, Tony.
  • gotta love him

    Tony is the best. I started watching him as Antonio the Italian cab driver on Wings. He was great as the always trying to find someone to love but never being able to guy. In Men in Black I sometimes forget that it is him because he plays the character so well. Galaxy Quest he was great to as Fred Kwan and I love the laugh that he gives when he decides to send the rock creature into the chambe. I really though love him as the obsessiv e compulsive dective known as monk. I can't imagine anyone else in that role. He is great and he makes you feel for Adrian and not just be annoyed at all the crazy habits that he has.
  • The best words to describe Mr. Shalhoub: AWESOME ACTOR!

    I'd never even heard of the show "Wings" let alone even knew who Tony Shalhoub was. And then came "Monk". The show is now my absolute favorite. I am a fellow OCD sufferer, and though Monk is an extreme case, I can still relate to him and Tony plays it to a T! From the little twitches and all, he plays his character really well. He is not only a great character actor, but a great physical actor as well and very versatile (note how he can change his emotions and facial expressions from episode to episode based on the story line). He deserves every Emmy he's gotten for "Monk".
  • original indeed.

    He's very funny and is a very talented actor. In his show, he really really knows how to get it together and deliver. And he can deliver. I'm know someone with phobias (me) and it might be acting but it's action, with a connection. And u can't not recognize his voice, Oh and u can hear him in cars, now playing. Anyway, everyone is looking for an original person that can deliver and make people keep watching , even if they don't like detective mysteries.Did I mention the funny? I think I did, I really don't remember. Monk should win more than one emmy awards! GO MONK!!!!!!!
  • Only Shaloub could create a character like Adrian Monk

    Adrian Monk is by far the most unqiue and complex character on television. It takes a special and talented kind of actor to even consider playing a role like Monk. Tony Shaloub is not only perfect in the role but shows that no one but him could pull it off.

    In any episode of Monk, the viewer is treated to a wide range of emotions because of the acting ability of Tony Shaloub. In one scene he will make you laugh, the next he'll make you feel so bad for Monk, and then in another scene he will make you so uncomfortable because of Monk's antics.

    It truly is amazing watching Shaloub's weekly performance on Monk and it is no secret why he has won Emmys for his portrayal of Monk. Tony Shaloub is one of the best actors to ever grace a television screen.
  • One of the best!

    I will be honest and state that I was hooked with "Monk" right from the start. Detective Adrian Monk is one of the characters I adore the most. I am continually wowed by Tony Shalhoub's strong performance, and look forward to each new episode. I am curious to know how he created Monk. I wonder if Tony knew someone like Monk, and was able to incorporate this person's quirks and whatnot into a completely endearing character.....or is Mr. Shalhoub just so darn good that he was able to fashion Mr. Monk entirely on his own. Hmm, does anybody out there know? Well, whatever the case may be, I wish Tony continued success with "Monk", because I will still be watching! :)
  • Hahahahaha. You go Tony. Great as Monk.

    This guy's ego and personality shines in many of his shows, and his great acting is really good for Monk. An all over gerat actor. His voice, sort of sad, accentuates Monk's own inner depression. Congratulations on winning another Emmy, Tony!!!!!!! You go!! I need to catch more of his shows and movies, but, as I have stated, I particularly like his acting role in Monk. Very easygoing about the set, has a great personality.
  • A great Actor...

    even though i only saw Tony shalhoub in Monk, i'm sure he's as good in other show too. i've only seen a few episodes of Monk and they just keep getting better, i hope that tony shalhoub isn't really like that in real life. i think that he does a superb job of acting and of playing Monk. i don't know alot about him but from what i know now he 's going to be my third favourite actor behind Richard Dean Anderson, and Kiefer Sutherland, in that order. i hope that tony continues to be an outstanding actor as the years pass and that he continues to win Emmys.later
  • Plays great and orginal characters

    Tony Shalhoub has been on a lot of great shows from wings to monk, which is his current role.

    Monk is my favorite show that Tony has done, I also think it’s his best character and Tony playing an obsessive-compulsive Monk always makes me laugh.

    Monk can get annoying with all of his phobia's and tidiness, but the way he goes about things always cracks me up, Tony was a great choice for the part.
  • No words are good enough to describe him...

    He is THE greatest actor known to man. I think. He really is a great actor. He plays Adrian Monk very well. He can play the part. It's like he really is the person he plays. He is a big star in my words, and he is a good actor. In the golden globe awards, he was nominated for the best actor. NOMINATED!! But the sad thing is he did not win. Wah, wah, waah. Oh, well. But still he got nominated. Thats still good. I think. Well, really what I'm trying to say is he's an amazing actor! And that his hair looks funny. But I mean that in a good way!!
  • Tony Shalhoub is an actor like no other. A character actor in the league of his own, he has brought onto screen some of the most enduring characters ever.

    My first exposure to this great actor was probably when I watched Wings. I was kid though and I did not know who he was. Not until I started watching Monk that I recognized him and seen how truly a great actor he is. He has shown a great deal of emotion and comedic range when playing different roles. His accents also cover his American accent from his role as Antonio Scarpacci, an Italian cab driver on Wings to an Middle Eastern FBI Agent on The Siege. Playing the part of Antonio Scarpacci on Wings brought him exposure to people and also landed him roles in Hollywood movies. Such as big budget action movies like The Siege to independent movies like Big Night. One of his most recognizable roles in movies is probably the fast talking lawyer Freddy Riedenshnieder in The Man Who Wasn't There. All of this contributed to him getting the role of a life time on the hit tv show Monk, starring him as Adrian Monk. The show is about former detective Adrian Monk who worked for the San Francsico Homicide police department. His obsessive compulsive disorder contributed to his firing, but also his breakdown after his wife was murdered. His portrayal of the former detective has won him many awards. He has won three Emmys, two SAGs, and one Golden Globe for this. i have no doubt that Tony Shalhoub will go down as one of the greatest actors of all time.
  • Tony Shalhoub, Best known for "Wings" and Monk.

    I really started enjoying Tony Shalhoub in the series "Wings". Sure he's been in plenty of other series and movies, but this series really gave him a chance at a interesting character that stood out. Then when I saw him in “Monk” I realized how versatile he really is. I mean the character “Monk” is totally different then the character “Antonio Scarpacci”. Different accent, different style and a all around different feel. Of Course he still looks the same. Ha! Ha! I once told my friend that I was watching "Monk" and the only negative thing she could say was that he has bad hair. Well that did make me laugh. I never noticed he had bad hair. I think any show he does will be worth checking out. Give me some feedback.

  • Truly wonderful

    Monk was one of the first shows on USA that really put this network on the map, and set the trend for other great shows such as Psych and Burn Notice. Tony Shalhoub gives a driven and charasmatic preformance as the main character, and every episode suprises me and keeps me watching until the credits. No doubt a talented actor, Shalhoub is surely one of the best actors to come onto the big screen, and the winner of 3 Emmys! But anyway, if you have not yet caught this show, you are deffinetly missing out on a great story and a wonderful preformance.
  • He is just so good!!

    Tony is such a great actor he does a really really realy great job as Mr. Monk! He plays his characters with such grace and you actually believe that he is the person that he is playing and you get like lost in the show! He is just such a great actor and i would like to see him in more things. But every time i see him i dont think Tony i think the germ conpulsive monk which is the only problem. So when i see him on another tv show i just think Monk but when its not i am alittle dissapointed.
  • Talented actor!!

    Tony Shalhoub is simply one of the best actors on TV today, and in television history. In all the movies and shows he has played in he usually has a different personality. And in all the performances he does he masters them all. In Wings he was the classic Antonio he was hysterical. He now plays in Monk where I realized how great an actor he is. Not everyone can act like they have a terrible case of OCD and still be hilarious. He brings joy to TV when he acts its almost as if he isn't acting at all. He's the one and only ''Monk''
  • the best actor

    Tony Shalhoub is a great and talented actor he plays on monk and wings which are my 2 favorite show coincidence huh lol he also plays in movies like 13 ghost galaxy quest live or something like it and other great movies Tony Shalhoub is my favorite actor he realy is