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    • Tony Stewart: I really didn't have to move too many times. I think I blocked him (Dale Earnhardt) twice probably at the end of the race and I think I blocked [Dale Earnhardt, Jr.] Junior a couple times and Dale Jarrett once. Everybody kind of got their turn at getting blocked by me. That's still what I hate about restrictor plate racing. I think this blocking stuff is dangerous. Jeff Gordon about crashed the whole field early in the race and it's not something he is doing intentionally. It's just that when guys get such a big run and a guy swerves over in front of you, you've got to slam on the brakes and somebody behind you is not going to expect that. I'd like to see it to where we weren't blocking each other, but when everybody else is doing it you've got to do it, too, to win the race. We did what we had to do. I didn't do anything any different out there in that race than anybody else would have done. As much as I hate it, I had to do it, though.