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    • Tony Stewart: Absolutely. That's what I've predicted all winter when people asked me what I thought Daytona was going to be like. I think what we learned at Talladega and what we saw at Talladega was going to provide for a lot better race for everybody. Today was probably as good a test as you're going to see until you see the '125's'.

      (Later on after the race)
      This was the most fun restrictor plate race I've been able to run. I watched guys in front of me and it looked like an old dirt race. The guy going in on the bottom would slide up the racetrack in front and the guy that was getting passed for the lead would turn it back down and drive back under him driving off the corner. It was a lot of fun to race like. It was something that I don't think anybody has seen here for a long time. It was kind of fun to do it that way. It gave us opportunities to really race each other in the cars instead of just riding around in them today.