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    • Tony Stewart: I really was, to be honest. When Jeff Gordon got in the lead and he was weaving back and forth down the backstretch, I thought, 'All somebody going to have to do is be up two inches further than what Jeff thinks and when he comes down across the racetrack at the angle that he was coming down, it was going to turn him. And if he does that next Sunday it is probably going to happen eventually because guys are getting such a big run. I don't think people are anticipating how fast guys are closing on each. When guys are changing lanes like that, it's extremely dangerous. I don't like doing it. I do not like blocking - especially early in the race like that where there really wasn't a lot of sense in doing it because it really didn't matter. I think you're going to have some (cautions) on Sunday, but I was really surprised it didn't happen today. I think guys were pretty content to race with two different lanes early in the race. Then late in the race when it was getting close to the end, then you saw guys starting to have to change lanes to protect a lane at that time.