Tonya Kinzinger

Tonya Kinzinger


6/20/1968, Monroe, Michigan, USA

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Tonya Kinzinger was born in Michigan but has been living in France since 1989. She started dancing at a very young age and a few years later joined a prestigious dancing school in New York. Later, she started modeling and was sent to Paris where she finally decided to become an actress.more


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    • Tonya: I noticed that, in France, it's to 40-year-old actresses that television offers recurring roles with a strong personality where they are beautiful and intelligent.

    • Tonya: (about her new haircut) It is true hat when Sous le soleil was stopped last summer, I wanted to see myself differently. When I looked at myself in the mirror, hair and make up done, I only saw Jessica. I wanted to get rid of that look to get out of the character I had lived with for 11 years.

    • Tonya: As soon as the shooting (of her show Sous le soleil) is over, I go back to the USA to attend classes of the Actor's Studio. We moved back there three years ago and I would like to create something there. In the meantime, the States are great to start from scratch, nobody knows me.

    • Tonya: In fact, before Sacha (her son) I wondered what was the purpose of my life... Not to be a Jessica (her role on the French show Sous le soleil), as a matter of fact! Now, I know and it has calmed me : it was to bring another being into the world and watch him grow up, and then to assume everything it represents. You have to link yourself to real things... because the cinema and television..., it cannot be a purpose to life.

    • Tonya: To be an actor, you have to work every day, like musicians do scales on their instrument between concerts.

    • Tonya: There isn't an age to be sensual, you can be that until death.

    • Tonya: There is only one difficult thing for me, it's separation of genres. I dream of being able to dance, act and change characters like it's done in the USA.

    • Tonya: I grew up in a very small town in Monroe, Michigan. Outside the mall and the movie theater there wasn't much to do! Las Vegas has always represented a continuous animation, with millions of lights, dozens of shows, it's the opposite of my hometown.

    • Tonya: I started dancing when I was three and I always wanted one thing only, to go on stage to dance and act. Two careers I hoped to manage at once in my life.