Tori Thompson

Tori Thompson


10/25/1993, Santa Maria, California

Birth Name

Tori Dawn Thompson


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Tori Dawn Thompson was born on October 25, 1993 in Santa Maria, California to parents Tamela and Tracy Thompson. At a very young age, Tori started grabbing attention because of her singing. People were always coming up to her parents and telling them that their daughter should be…more


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    Torz is my FAVORITE person in the world! I just love her to death she is an awesome singer and I am so glad she made the group but I hope she will have awesome solo sucess with her sister as well! I will always support her 110%!

    Love ya sweetie!
  • Tori is a great little singer. She can really release her notes and she is now trying to make it in the movie business. This American Junior is out on her own and I would say is doing just fine! Good Luck Tori!moreless

    Tori is going to be a big star! She has the talent and personality for anything shot at her! She is a determined girl and goes for anything. They way she can sing and belt out a song is just amazing. During the America Juniors show I had no doubt that she would make it. She was truly one of the best ones. I hope that everyone realizes how awesome she is and hopefully she'll land a role in a movie. Maybe she will even come out with her own CD and that would be great too because she can sing very well! For those who don't know who Tori Thompson is you are really left out. This girl is good and will be a big star in the near future!moreless