Torri Higginson

Torri Higginson


12/6/1969, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Sarah Victoria Higginson



Also Known As

Terri Higginson, Tori Higginson, Terry Higginson
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Torri Higginson was born in Burlington, Ontario. At age eighteen she moved to England where she studied acting at Guildhall in London.

She has been very active in film and television projects in Canada.

In 2000 she won a Gemini Award for Best Performace by an…more


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    • Reporter: Did you follow Stargate SG-1 before getting the part?

      Torri Higginson: I always hate answering this question, because actually no, I didn't.

    • Reporter: Did any of the SG-1 cast give you any advice?
      Torri Higginson: They said start drinking now, and don't stop for about nine years. They just told us to have fun.

    • Reporter: Do you think Atlantis will run for as long as SG-1?
      Torri Higginson: I think if any show has a chance, it is Atlantis. Because we were created by the people who created Stargate, so they obviously did it right the first time.

    • (Speaking of the uniform on Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: Personally, I just think jeans and a T shirt would be fantastic.

    • (Speaking of the producer of Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: Brad and Robert and -- amazing. So warm and approachable.

    • (Speaking of Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: I might have second-guessed my instincts in the audition room wondering what it was they liked about the other actor.

    • Darren Rea: What was it that attracted you to the role of Dr Elizabeth Weir in Stargate Atlantis ?
      Torri Higginson: Er... A purpose in life [laughs]. I didn't know the show Stargate, so I wasn't aware of that sort of connection with it. I thought she was a cool character. She was a very strong ethical character.

    • Torri Higginson: I'm not a big telly watcher at all.

    • Torri Higginson: I don't enjoy shopping. I like going to second-hand stores and finding bargains, but I don't like going out and shopping, so I have the same pair of cords I've worn for nine years.

    • Reporter: Were you apprehensive about starring in a spin-off show?
      Torri Higginson: Er... You know I really don't think in those terms. All I do is think about the day to day job. It's funny because people sort of talk about: "You must feel great because you're in a show that's already got a huge following because of Stargate and you must feel really confident that you've already got the fans." And I was apprehensive on that level.

    • Torri Higginson: I just made my own choices based on my instincts and the scripts they gave me.

    • Reporter: Tell us about your fellow cast members. How are you enjoying working with them?
      Torri Higginson: Well, other than McKay! He's non-stop a handful!

    • Reporter: Have you had any conversations with the writers over where you'd like to see the character go in the future?
      Torri Higginson: We're all still -- right now I feel I'm still learning so much, and it's all so brand new.

    • Reporter: Did you enjoy the convention?
      Torri Higginson: I was terrified, to begin with. I was terrified and I was also very reticent.

    • Reporter: What did you think when you first saw the Stargate itself?
      Torri Higginson: I was surprised at how cool I thought it was.

    • (Speaking of the uniform on Stargate Atlantis )
      Reporter: What do you think of the uniform?
      Torri Higginson: Oh, it's god awful! And it's so similar to Galaxy Quest that it's a bit weird. I just saw Galaxy Quest recently and I went, oh my God, that's our costume!

  • When good character get push aside!

    Torri Higginson as Dr. Weir when I first started to watch the show did look good. I felt the DR. Weirs charter was going to be a strong female role, but her character started to take a back seat in Season 2 to the others. She when from a starring role to a secondary one.

    They also did not improve her character like they did the others.

    The show became too much about just a hand full of character, Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon. Don't get me wrong I like them, but it just became about them too much, but what the show did to Weir they did to others: Dr. Carson Beckett, Lt. Aiden Ford (I think they got rid of him to make room for Ronon).

    When a show become too much about few character and the plot is just fighting and shooting and not about scientific discovery or anything else like SG-1 it's going to go downhill because its get boring.

    This is why she left the show at the end of season 3.

    She just had enough.moreless
  • The best "woman commander" in any of these sci fi shows

    I am just watching through the third season now, and am terribly disappointed to see that she will not be staying in the show (listed as seasons 1-3). As far as I am concerned, she did in one show what it has taken others (e.g., Kate Mulgrew - Captain Janeway) to do in several seasons. Torri has never come across as anything less than natural and consistent in her portrayal as Dr. Elizabeth Weir. I think that she should be grateful to the writers for giving her a role that didn't require her to deal with being feminine etc (that whole "mam" thing that Janeway dealt with). However, as one of the other reviewers wrote, she is subtle and does a brilliant job of playing her role. She is fully convincing. I am VERY disappointed that she will no longer be in the show.moreless