Torri Higginson





12/6/1969 , Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Sarah Victoria Higginson




Torri Higginson was born in Burlington, Ontario. At age eighteen she moved to England where she studied acting at Guildhall in London.

She has been very active in film and television projects in Canada.

In 2000 she won a Gemini Award for Best Performace by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for her performace as Katherine Stracham in "The City."

On television she also had lead roles in "Stephen Kind's Storm of the Century," "Balls Up," "Hidden Room" and "Family of Cops III."

In addition she has had guest lead roles on "Canada: A People's History," "Twice in a Lifetime," "The Outer Limits," "PSI Factor," and "E.N.G."

Her feature work includes lead performances in Julian Grnat's "Airborne" and Mark Lester's "Double Take," as well as "Synapse," "Jungle Ground" and "Vitacane".

She is also remembered in the role of Mary in Anthony Minghella's multiple Academy Award winning "The English Patient."

In the United States, Ms. Higginson is perhaps best known for her role as Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate : Atlantis (63 episodes, 2004-2008).