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  • The best "woman commander" in any of these sci fi shows

    I am just watching through the third season now, and am terribly disappointed to see that she will not be staying in the show (listed as seasons 1-3). As far as I am concerned, she did in one show what it has taken others (e.g., Kate Mulgrew - Captain Janeway) to do in several seasons. Torri has never come across as anything less than natural and consistent in her portrayal as Dr. Elizabeth Weir. I think that she should be grateful to the writers for giving her a role that didn't require her to deal with being feminine etc (that whole "mam" thing that Janeway dealt with). However, as one of the other reviewers wrote, she is subtle and does a brilliant job of playing her role. She is fully convincing. I am VERY disappointed that she will no longer be in the show.