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    • Reporter: Did you follow Stargate SG-1 before getting the part?

      Torri Higginson: I always hate answering this question, because actually no, I didn't.

    • Reporter: Did any of the SG-1 cast give you any advice?
      Torri Higginson: They said start drinking now, and don't stop for about nine years. They just told us to have fun.

    • Reporter: Do you think Atlantis will run for as long as SG-1?
      Torri Higginson: I think if any show has a chance, it is Atlantis. Because we were created by the people who created Stargate, so they obviously did it right the first time.

    • (Speaking of the uniform on Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: Personally, I just think jeans and a T shirt would be fantastic.

    • (Speaking of the producer of Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: Brad and Robert and -- amazing. So warm and approachable.

    • (Speaking of Stargate Atlantis )
      Torri Higginson: I might have second-guessed my instincts in the audition room wondering what it was they liked about the other actor.

    • Darren Rea: What was it that attracted you to the role of Dr Elizabeth Weir in Stargate Atlantis ?
      Torri Higginson: Er... A purpose in life [laughs]. I didn't know the show Stargate, so I wasn't aware of that sort of connection with it. I thought she was a cool character. She was a very strong ethical character.

    • Torri Higginson: I'm not a big telly watcher at all.

    • Torri Higginson: I don't enjoy shopping. I like going to second-hand stores and finding bargains, but I don't like going out and shopping, so I have the same pair of cords I've worn for nine years.

    • Reporter: Were you apprehensive about starring in a spin-off show?
      Torri Higginson: Er... You know I really don't think in those terms. All I do is think about the day to day job. It's funny because people sort of talk about: "You must feel great because you're in a show that's already got a huge following because of Stargate and you must feel really confident that you've already got the fans." And I was apprehensive on that level.

    • Torri Higginson: I just made my own choices based on my instincts and the scripts they gave me.

    • Reporter: Tell us about your fellow cast members. How are you enjoying working with them?
      Torri Higginson: Well, other than McKay! He's non-stop a handful!

    • Reporter: Have you had any conversations with the writers over where you'd like to see the character go in the future?
      Torri Higginson: We're all still -- right now I feel I'm still learning so much, and it's all so brand new.

    • Reporter: Did you enjoy the convention?
      Torri Higginson: I was terrified, to begin with. I was terrified and I was also very reticent.

    • Reporter: What did you think when you first saw the Stargate itself?
      Torri Higginson: I was surprised at how cool I thought it was.

    • (Speaking of the uniform on Stargate Atlantis )
      Reporter: What do you think of the uniform?
      Torri Higginson: Oh, it's god awful! And it's so similar to Galaxy Quest that it's a bit weird. I just saw Galaxy Quest recently and I went, oh my God, that's our costume!