Tory Belleci

Tory Belleci


10/9/1973, Monterey, California

Birth Name

Salvatore Belleci


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Tory first walked into Jamie Hyneman's workshop in 1994 as a fresh-faced young film student from San Francisco State University looking to start a career in movie special effects. Jamie quickly put him to work buying lunch, sweeping the shop floor and running errands. But a determined Tory…more


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    Good at what he does.
  • Looks aside (because he does have them) Tory Belleci is an invaluable asset to MythBusters

    Yes, he's done stunts that Adam wanted to do, but insurance said no to Adam - I think it was because Adam is more of an asset to the insurance people than Tory is . . . which is reasonable, but this review is about Tory, not Adam.

    Tory is an excellent personality, because if he weren't there, I would not watch, simply because he tempers the annoyingness of Kari very well.

    Tory is also very willing to do dangerous things to his person to ensure entertainment on the show - the bike/wagon incident, and the swing come to mind.

    He does have building talents outside of making the basic mold, does a lot of the welding from what I've seen, and apparently of the Build Team, has the better skills with a firearm. Besides that, I don't recall any other Build Team member doing much archery on the 'splitting an arrow' episode.

    Tory has talents and skills that make im invaluable to the MythBusters show - if he hadn'tve been around, I believe they would have had to gone outside the M5 staffpool to get things done more often, which would be more expensive.moreless