Toshio Furukawa

Toshio Furukawa


7/16/1946, Shimotuga, Tochigi, Japan

Birth Name

Furukawa, Toshio



Also Known As

Furukawa Toshio
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Veteran Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) who is well known for the numerous roles he's played in anime and OVAs. Some of his most popular roles includes Kai Shiden in Mobile Suit Gundam, Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z, Asuma Shinohara in Mobile Police Patlabor and Ataru Moroboshi in Uruseimore


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On the anime series The Kabocha Wine, Toshio performed solo the 1st ending theme song "Aoba Shunsuke The Konjou" as well as the 2nd ending theme song "Pumpkin Night" with Keiko Yokozawa.

    • Toshio has made a special guest appearance at quite a few events throughout Japan including the "Haru no Ninki Anime Festival at Meiji Jinguu Takaramonokan" on May 5, 1986; the "Chips Summer Live" on July 15, 2001; the "Urusei Yatsura Night" on September 20, 2003; the "Voice Fair 2004 dai 4 Dan" on October 15, 2004; the "Anime de Sukuou! Charity Concert at Shibuya AX" on January 20, 2005 and the "Furukawa Toshio One Man Show" on April 30, 2005.

    • Toshio has dubbed several characters in American works such as Spanky Ham in the animated series Drawn Together, Thomas J. Whitmore in the live-action movie Independence Day, Z in the animated movie Antz and Panchito Pistoles in the animated series Disney's House of Mouse.

    • Toshio has voiced characters in several CD dramas in which he has played the role of Saotome in D-Xhird, a ghost in Sotsugyou Vacation, Manmaru in Cutie Tenshi (Angel) Chougouka Yume no Saiten and Dr Shutain in Cyberbots.

    • Toshio tends to be shy when he approaches or talks to women and also has a rather serious personality. This contradicts the role he plays as Ataru Moroboshi as the two are total opposites in this nature.

    • Toshio made his debut as a voice actor in anime when he voiced the part of Hojo Takeshi in Magnerobo Ga-Keen back in 1976. He has been a seiyuu for over 30 years now.

    • Some of Toshio's hobbies includes sports fishing, making dioramas, collecting action figures and reading.

    • Toshio is married to fellow seiyuu, Shino Kakinuma. She is a little under 19 years younger than him.

    • Toshio is employed under the talent agency, Aoni Production.

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