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  • Traber, please stick with male voices---please!

    I listened recently to Traber Burns narrate the audiobook Vengeance is Mine (2014) by Reavis Wortham. While the storyline is interesting and the male voices--though very loud, are acceptable, I cannot listen anymore to Traber's female voices. Without exception, these characters are caricatures of stereotypical women. Instead of using vocal quality to suggest female characters, Traber uses really irritating high pitches to portray women.

    I'm very sorry, but if I pick up another audiobook with Traber narrating, I will make sure there are no female characters. The lack of female character depth distracts me, as a listener/reader, from the story and grates on my ears and nerves. Since it's the rare book without female characters, that means this is my last Traber Burns audiobook. Pity.