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  • Wow...whata cowboy!

    I'm not necessarily a fan of country music, I can hardly name any of its superstars and I only know the songs that go mainstream so when I heard the line up for the celebrity apprentice I thought nothing of this Trace Adkins, then week after week he won my heart with his quite demeanor and his genuine integrity. I liked that there was still a guy who didn't need to talk a lot to be acknowledged and who actually had something of value to say when he opened his mouth. That's rare indeed, but the thing that really endeared me to him was that he played the game cool and calm the entire way. He was consistent and true to his character, wow...whata cowboy!
  • Trac Adkins is the best.Wonderful country singer.

    Trace Adkins has a very tallented voice.He is a wonderful
    person and an excellent preformer.I love everything that he
    sings.There isn't one song that I don't like.He has what it
    takes.He is lucky to even be alive after all that he has been through.Getting shot by his ex-wife,being in a car wreck and almost getting killed,and that's just a few things
    that he has been through.He is a very loving person,and one of the nicest people you would ever meet.I hate that he wasn't on the awards show tonight.I guess he had other places that he had to be.I miss not seeing him on there.
  • The man has talent,

    What can you say about a man who has had numerous record hits out and shows no sign of stopping. Trace is a talented and loved singer. he has a great attitude about his singing and his life. There was an interview with him on the second season of "Nashville Star" which he appeared on and sang with the contestants on where is shows how grateful he is to his God, family and his fans for keeping him where he is at on the charts. He appears to be a humble man who loves to sing.
  • A superb country music singer.

    Trace Adkins has been known to sing songs such as "Songs About Me", "No Thinking Thing", "One Hot Mama", "Arlington", "Honkytonk Badonkadonk", "Coming On Strong", "My Heaven", and more. His songs can either be funny or emotional, both of which are great. Most people might not like the sound of the song "Honkytonk Badonkadonk", and they might say that the lyrics don't make sense, which they don't(to me). But, it is a comedy song that isn't really supposed to make sense, and I like it. The first song I ever heard from him was "Songs About Me", which is also great. After hearing more songs from him, I've decided to give him a 9.8. Overall, I'd say Trace Adkins is a great, funny, serious, and underrated singer.