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  • Tracee J. Ellis Ross has great comedic skills. I love her talent.

    I think she plays her role wonderfully. She has good timing, great ability, she pretty and the role fits her like a glove.
    I love her talent and look forward to her guest starring and appearing in more movies, expanding her potential to it's fullest.
    I would love to her continue to grow and thrive with her outstanding ability.
  • Tracee has great talent she may be the daughter of a super star but she has proven her own abilities. She has always been one of the people I like best although her character of late has gone over board with this "It Girl" thing.

    I think that she has enormous talent and I would love to see her in more comdeies, plays, dramas, documentaries, etc. especially when this show ends. I think she will go very far. She has great skills and works hard at what she does. She is her own person and it shows.
  • Dear Tracee: I love your video w/ Kanye West.

    You get a great review....I love you and Nia Long in that video...You girls are nice and sweet..I hope you continue to do well with the show..I am a big fan of your mother, Diana. I hope your brother is doing well with his first movie. Have good success TR.
  • She appears to have worked hard and her many talents show. She is smart and handles her role well.

    Has good comedic skills she is very talented.
    Handles her role with ease, has worked hard even though she has a world renowned mother. I feel she has distinguished herself and talents. She's a beautiful person and appears to take her work seriously. I would like to see the character she plays more relaxed this is hard becuase she has taken on the role as mother and loves deeply and hard. This is one of her most valued and dearest traits.
  • The Carrie Bradshaw of the Urban Version of Sex and the City

    I think Tracee is a great comedienne, and her rapport with Reggie Hayes is great. I love their storyline. I was not a big fan of Ellis and was happy to see him written out of the show. It was nice to see Malik back on network tv, but I did not want her with him either. I would like to see more of Joan at work at her new restaurant and bring back her mother. She was hilarious!
  • She is extremely funny on the show. Constantly making me laugh. Joan is pretty but her eyes are too large. So large that it appears she has a garter at time. Other than that she's very attractive and has the best shape among the crew.

    I think Joan is a great actress. Like the entire cast. She plays her part extremely well. At times I think she's a lil too emotional, stuck up and cruel to her friends and the guys she's date throughtout the show. Once again, although it's just a role she's playing. I'm sure Joan is a beautiful person.
    I hate to appear negative towards Joans but I have also read several articles on her and viewed several of her pictures. I have yet to see Joan dress to impress. Hard to believe she worked as a fashion consultant.
  • Riding on the family name isn't an option for this actress - she has the talent to make it on her own.

    Prior to the UPN comedy Girlfriend’s I was anything but familiar with the work of Miss Tracee Ellis Ross.

    With that being said, I haven’t had the opportunity to catch Ross on much of anything else, a majority of my inspection of her talent is derivative from her Monday night sitcom, with the rare occasion of a comedy exclusive where she has been selected to partake as the guest host for the evening.

    Ross is relatively talented in her role as a comedic performer. Unquestionably she probably used the reputation of her famous icon mother to rise to the top – but it’s Tracee Ellis Ross’ sheer talent and likeability that is keeping her there.

    As the fun loving yet at times overemotional Joan Carol Clayton on the UPN hit Girlfriends, Ross entertains viewers and fans alike with her over the top yet precise portrayal of a single woman anxious to find Mr. Right while always settling for Mr. Wrong. Its Ross’ lack of hesitation to be fun and funky that almost certainly makes her a preferred favorite on the show. Despite her now and then dramatic relationships and countless breakups, Ross can always wrestle a modest bout of empathy from the audience with her believable portrayal of a woman just ready to settle down and find love.

    I enjoy watching Tracee Ellis Ross every Monday night, and I look forward to catching this rising star in other features. She’s a rare and seemingly down-to-Earth talent that in my opinion like her mother, can truly reign Supreme.