Tracy Leah Ryan





Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Tracy Ryan




Tracy Ryan was born in Kitchener near Toronto, Canada. She went to school at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1992 with a BA Drama/Irish Studies combined major.

A multitalented actor, she has made her mark in theatre, film and television and has recently turned her talents to writing.

Now 30, her first break in television was a regular spot on the soap opera Family Passions, where she played Calla, a blind girl. It was a rigorous schedule of 130 episodes. "It felt like the boot camp of acting" says Ryan.

A graduate of the University of Toronto's drama program, she has been a regular on the Toronto theatre scene, appearing in such stage productions as Cafe Naked, Controlling Interest, Amazon Dream, Born in the Grave and Coyote Ugly.

In film and television, her credits include the role of Nancy Drew in Nelvana's Nancy Drew and a leading part in the Canadian Film Centre feature Kiss, directed by Laurie Colbert.

Tracy Ryan, who has "a mind boggling array" of cartoon voices at her disposal, is also the voice behind several cartoon characters, including Ned's girlfriend Linda in Nelvana's Ned's Newt and 14-year-old diva Ruby in Flying Rhino Junior High.

After much hesitation, she recently gave in and applied for a green card because of the numerous opportunities in the U.S. But Toronto, she assures, will always be home.