Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady


5/24/1979, Bartow, Florida

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Tracy Lamar McGrady, Jr.



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    • Tracy: It's tough for me to run up and down the court and then when we stop and go through -- just standing around, that's not good for me. It just depends on how I feel when I come to the arena tonight.

    • Tracy: This was just a dream. Just coming out here and interacting with the guys, hitting some balls and throwing with the guys.

    • Tracy: They were telling me I couldn't hit it out. I wasn't saying anything because I know I can. It's all confidence, man. I know what I can do when I get out there, and I don't think I ever lose it.

    • Tracy: They were telling me I couldn't hit it out. I wasn't saying anything because I know I can. It's all confidence, man. I know what I can do when I get out there, and I don't think I ever lose it.

    • Tracy: I think he's passed them. He's fulfilled all the expectations and then some.

    • Tracy: I feel good. It's good to be pain-free. I am looking forward to getting going, but I'm going to start in June like always.

    • Tracy: I'm excited about everything. Yao, he's turned himself into a different player. I think he's figured it out. He's not bailing the defense out, even in double teams he's doing a great job.

    • Tracy: I've been loving the way Yao has been coming around and taking over, doing the things he's been doing since the All-Star break. That is fun for me to watch. I'm lying in my bed every night ... wishing I could be out there with him and helping my teammates out.

    • Tracy: I've been loving the way Yao has been coming around and taking over, doing the things he's been doing since the All-Star break. That is fun for me to watch. I'm lying in my bed every night ... wishing I could be out there with him and helping my teammates out.

    • Tracy: I can't do anything physical until five weeks (from last week's diagnosis). That leaves me with four or five games left. It all depends on where we are after those five weeks. I'm definitely not ruling myself out right now. But if we're not in the running for the playoffs and we only have four or five games left, it really doesn't make sense for me to come back.

    • Tracy: When we play like we did (against Denver), I feel like we're one of the better teams in the league. Saying that, I think we need to do that on a consistent basis.

    • Tracy: It mentally affects them and takes them out of the game. We can be a great defensive team. We've got a coach who emphasizes that every day.

    • Tracy: It shows what type of team we can be.

    • Tracy: It's frustrating. I've been dealing with it all season. It's the same old issue I've been dealing with.

    • Tracy: We're not really even thinking about the playoffs. We're just trying to improve and get better by the day. We're a long way from being in the playoffs right now and we can't even think about that right now.

    • Tracy: It's all water under the bridge.

    • Tracy: We're playing extremely well. Especially when myself and Yao are on the basketball court, it's unbelievable what our record is. Our record (25-31) is pretty bad right now, but that's due to the fact we had a lot of injuries. We're still capable of turning our season into something real special.

    • Tracy: We had an unbelievable third quarter as far as defensively. In the fourth quarter, we kind of let our guard down, thought the game was over, and those guys made a push, made it into the game. But when we needed to execute and get a stop, we did.

    • Tracy: I've been out of Toronto five, six years and they still do the same. It doesn't bother me at all.

    • Tracy: Pretty much down the stretch, those guys got any shots they wanted.

    • Tracy: They were doing their best to give me the ball at every opportunity down the court, free me up and give me shots. It (MVP) was there if we would have won the game.

    • Tracy: Steve Nash is the generator out there on the floor. With the players they have, he's perfect. I've never seen an exhibition like that.

    • Tracy: This is a midseason party. You've got to love this. Especially with the season we've had in the first half. This is exactly what we need. With what I've been through, this is what I needed. To be here with the fans, all these other guys, I'm having fun.

    • Tracy: Some of them were cupcake shots -- they were moving out of the way or whatever you want to call it. Some of those 3s he was making were unbelievable, and when you've got it rolling like that, give him the ball, man, give him the ball.

    • Tracy: Yao has been playing out of his mind lately. Since the guy's been back, he's been extremely aggressive. He's playing with a great deal of confidence.

    • Tracy: It was good to get out to have some sort of a scapegoat, so to speak, for all the things I have had to deal with. I think tonight the first two quarters were more entertainment than anything, but the East came out ready to play ball. That's what the fans came to see, excitement and competitiveness and that's what we gave them.

    • Tracy: I think it's safe to say we have been playing well in the month of February. With everything that's been going on in our season, this is good for us to take the opportunity to relax and sit back and gather ourselves together and get focused for the remaining 29 games of the season.

    • Tracy: This is the All-Star Game, man. You want to see threes, alley-oops. Shaq tries to give you flashes every now and then, but he's rusty. Tim (Duncan)? It's really no excitement in throwing the ball to them down there.

    • Tracy: We didn't know if Yao was going to cop out on us, but he looked pretty smooth.

    • Tracy: I'm just enjoying myself, I haven't been thinking about that. With everything that's been going on in our season, this is good for us to kind of take the opportunity to relax, sit back, and gather ourselves together to get focused for the last 29 games of the season.

    • Tracy: Those guys, they came out in the third quarter and were ready to play ball. That's what the fans come to see.

    • Tracy: The first two quarters was mostly about entertainment than anything else. The third quarter, they turned it on, and things got real competitive.

    • Tracy: It was just good to get out and have some sort of escape from all of the things I've been going through personally.

    • Tracy: I've finally got a peace of mind. I'm coming out here and enjoying this weekend.

    • Tracy: At times, I don't want to be in the arena in a uniform. It's been so frustrating and hard to deal with. I usually do a great job of keeping things to myself and not really letting things affect me. It's just too heavy for me to deal with, and it's taken a toll on me.

    • Tracy: We do a great job of running off four or five (wins) on the road, and then we come home and give the poorest performance a team can give in front of our hometown fans. Sometimes I really don't understand our team.

    • Tracy: We were already in our All-Star break. We were already at the parties. It was a flat-out embarrassment.

    • Tracy: We called it in early.

    • Tracy: I'm just waiting to see what Kobe is going to do. This type of game was made for him.

    • Tracy: You don't know if you're going to be out there taking 10 shots at that, but luckily I only needed two chances.

    • Tracy: I want it to come here. That would be a huge honor. It would be an accomplishment I would definitely want in my career.

    • Tracy: That's efficient right there. It was just amazing.

    • Tracy: They came out stroking. Sam is a crafty veteran who knows how to play the game, and Elton Brand is having an MVP-type season. So we expected that out of them. But our job was to slow them down, take them out of the game and execute our offense.

    • Tracy: As soon as we get back (from Phoenix on Thursday night) we're in the middle of all the hoopla and all the stuff going on. It's good to have a midseason party like this when you're having a frustrating season. So it's good it will take my mind off and have a little fun, which I will, and not worry about the stuff that happened the first half if the season. Then, it's back to reality and trying to finish out the season strong.

    • Tracy: I felt good when I stepped on the court. I knew it was going to be a good day. We were unbelievable shooting the ball.

    • Tracy: I was pretty focused. I told those guys I've been dealing with some things personally off the basketball court, so I haven't really been myself on the court. I just wanted to come out and take all of that personal stuff and leave it off the court and try to get a win for my team.

    • Tracy: We gave ourselves a great chance to win the ballgame. We got great looks. The ball just didn't bounce the way we wanted it to. We just couldn't get over that hump.

    • Tracy: I'm still not out of it. Regardless of how we played, I've got a lot going inside my head.

    • Tracy: I've got to get myself going. Everything is on me right now.

    • Tracy: We don't know who we are. We don't know if we want to be a team that is to be reckoned with or we just want to be a team that runs off a four-game win streak and then we lay down and say, 'So what?' and just go back to our old selves. I don't know, man.

    • Tracy: It was a poor performance and I think we just got too comfortable with ourselves during the winning streak. Right now, I am just in a real bad funk on offense and why, I don't know. It is just very disappointing.

    • Tracy: As a team, we had great intensity to start the game. I think if we consistently do that and play the way we played in the first half and to come out in the third quarter, then we'll be all right.

    • Tracy: I wanted to come out in the third quarter and really impose my will on this game.

    • Tracy: We had great intensity from the start of the game. If we consistently do that, we'll be all right.

    • Tracy: It's every player's personal goal, to make the All-Star team. It's a personal accomplishment guys want to make to get a chance to participate against the elite players. Every player in this league wants to be there.

    • Tracy: It's good to have most of our guys back healthy. What we need to concentrate on is that every day we step on that basketball court as a team, we improve individually, and we improve as a team, offensively, defensively. We just need to make strides for improvement every day.

    • Tracy: I picked up my dribble too early. I could have kept going. I didn't realize how wide-open I was. Those guys were hanging off me all night. I didn't have much space to work with.

    • Tracy: Down the stretch, it just boils down to the fact that we need to do a better job of executing on the offensive end and defensive end as well.

    • Tracy: It was a little uncomfortable. Every time I was running up and down the court, sweat is pouring and it got kind of hot in there. I just couldn't take it anymore and took it off..

    • Tracy: I think the best thing for me is to wear (a mask) the way it feels to prevent any further damage.

    • Tracy: We're definitely getting up with them coming back. The last four games we're playing very well. With our best players coming back, it's only going to help improve our team even more and give us a lot more depth. We're back on track and hopefully we can stay like that.

    • Tracy: I'm just in a nice rhythm right now. I'm playing with a great deal of confidence.

    • Tracy: I'm still in awe of what that kid did. It was just a hell of a performance for him to shoot the ball only 46 times to score 81 points. But not just to be able to shoot it 46 times, but to shoot it 46 times and hit well over 50 percent. There are nights I'm in the 30s of shots taken and I've been fatigued. To take 46 and 20 free throws and end up with 81 points, I didn't believe it.

    • Tracy: I would have griped about (being taken out) because we were playing so well. We wanted to win this game. I was really going to talk (coach Jeff Van Gundy) into leaving me out there, even though they wanted to keep my minutes down.

    • Tracy: Tonight was one of those games where shots were falling for us. We felt confident in our defense that we could get stops on the defensive end. Granted, they scored 111 points, but a lot of those were contested jumpers and long three pointers.

    • Tracy: If we played the first two or three quarters like we played the last five minutes of that ballgame, it would have been a different outcome. We put that on ourselves, to be in a situation like that, to be down and wait for the last minutes to try to fight back and play with that intensity.

    • Tracy: It's kind of tough when you've got two guys on you. They did a great job double-teaming me.

    • Tracy: I wasn't hurt or anything - just fatigue. I just really felt this trip in that second half. I felt a little sluggish in the first half, but in the second, it really jumped on me. I just didn't have any energy, any lift in my jumper, or explosiveness going to the basket. I was running in mud.

    • Tracy: In the fourth quarter I was just more aggressive. In the first half, I was looking more to get my teammates the ball because those guys were double-teaming me every time I touched the ball. In the second half, I knew I was going to have to step up and be more aggressive.

    • Tracy: Coming into the game, I was concentrating on just getting into the game, playing defense and rebounding, getting my legs. I thought the rest would eventually come together.

    • Tracy: They don't need a player like me because their starting five is a (great) five. They all know their roles and nobody tries to do too much.

    • Tracy: I just felt real comfortable, despite being out for awhile. When I caught my second wind toward the end of the game, I was fine. I just felt like any defender that was guarding me was pretty much at my mercy.

    • Tracy: It was just one of those games where you felt like you had to win it no matter what it took. It was a winnable game. Coach left me out there. I would be damned if I was going to come out even if he wanted. When I step onto the court, I'm out there to compete. We got the win and it was a great team effort.

    • Tracy: I've got to assert myself because the big fellow (refering to Yao Ming) is out and we need more scoring. I need to do more out there on the offensive and defensive end. It's all about attacking from start to finish.

    • Tracy: I rarely get any rest in a game, always playing 44 to 48 (minutes). Tonight, with the guys contributing, making shots and playing extremely well, I had a chance to rest, sit down and gather myself a little bit to where I came in in the fourth quarter fresh and was able to close out the game.

    • Tracy: I think the intensity from the beginning of the first quarter was there. Our overall concentration was there. We knew what we needed to do, and it helps when our shots are falling as well.

    • Tracy: He can be that type of player, 20 and 10, without a doubt, without a doubt. He's unbelievable.

    • Tracy: If you don't get your touches, there's other ways to be productive for us. That's on the defensive end, blocking shots, running the floor like a thoroughbred. If you run the floor, you have a guy that's willing and able to pass you the ball and reward you for running the floor. Those types of things.

    • Tracy: I actually felt like all of them were going in, especially the one when I got fouled. As soon as that shot went up, I was thinking San Antonio, I swear I was.

    • Tracy: What goes on away from here, as far as basketball, I leave that there. I don't bring that here. If I do bring it here, I see my little girl and see my son, it wipes all that stuff out. None of that matters here. I'm not T-Mac here. Not at all. When I come here, I'm 'Daddy.' I'm 'Babe.' And I'm Tracy. This is family.

    • Tracy: You should have seen me when I put on my uniform. I felt like a kid all over again.

    • Tracy: It offends me. I've been in this league nine years. I come to the game sometimes in jeans and a T-shirt, and I don't think people look at that as me being a thug. I get endorsement deals because of the way I carry myself. The way that I dress doesn't have anything to do with the type of person I am.

    • Tracy: I'm not just a basketball player. I've got other talents.

    • Tracy: I knew I could. It's all confidence. I don't ever lose that.

    • Tracy: I don't have a problem wearing suits, but that's not who I am. You had one of the greatest power forwards of all time, Karl Malone, and he came to the games in jeans, a T-shirt, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. It's going to be hard for me to change.