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  • Trivia

    • Tracy has six siblings.

    • Tracy became interesting in acting after watching her stepfather, an anchor on A.M. Colorado, interview several celebrities for his show.

    • Tracy says that her secret to memorizing large amounts of dialogue is to put the pages under her pillow as she sleeps and allowing it to just sink in. Thanks to her grandfather, she used the same trick to study for tests when she was younger.

    • Tracy admits that in her quest to become Hollywood's next "perfect 10," she broke all of God's Ten Commandments. She has since become a devout Christian.

    • Tracy once auditioned for a role in an Old Spice commercial, but instead of getting the part, she was asked to be the stunt double [riding a horse] for the actress who was hired. She took the job in order to get her union card, but once the director saw how comfortable she was on the horse, the original actress was replaced - by Tracy!

    • Tracy is often told she resembles fellow soap actress Eileen Davidson of The Young and The Restless fame. Her normal response to the compliment is, 'I've been called much worse.'

    • Tracy appeared on the cover of Woman's World magazine in December 2002.

    • One of Tracy's first jobs in television was on the CBS soap opera, The Young and the Restless, which she worked on for one day. She recalls that the part "was supposed to be recurring, but it didn't recur!"

    • Tracy was studying psychology at Colorado State University but some time later left school to try her hand at acting.

    • Tracy began her career as a fitness and swimsuit catalog model.

    • Tracy owns two horses. She developed her love for the animals from her mother who was a horse breeder.

    • Tracy is represented professionally by The Michael Bruno Group out of Los Angeles, California.

    • Tracy is 5'7" with blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Tracy has appeared in television commercials for Nike, Old Spice, Coke, Budweiser, and Toyota.

    • Tracy has a "Bacon Number" of 2.
      She was in Beverly Hills Cop III with Joseph Quinn Simpkins,
      Joseph was in Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon.

    • Tracy's autobiography, Breaking the Perfect 10, was published by B&H Publishing Group in 2005.

    • In the late 90s, Tracy backed out of a movie role when she found out that she would be playing opposite actor Ice-T. Tracy, whose father and husband have both been cops, felt she could not work with the man who wrote a song about being "a cop-hater."

  • Quotes

    • Tracy: (on doing love scenes) Actors always says doing loves scenes are technical and far from romantic but that doesn't seem to resonate for people who aren't in the business. They don't fully understand that. I describe it to my husband, which I think is the best description, as clinical. It's like going to a doctor and he touches you - it's not sexual, it's clinical. To me, love scenes are like going to the doctor. My husband doesn't watch the show at all just because there's just no point in having that visual in your mind. It's just sadistic.

    • Tracy: (on why she never had her ears pierced) My mom didn't want to hurt me - and neither did I. I'm not a Christmas tree, so don't hang ornaments on me!