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  • i love this dude !!

    Tracy, to me, is one of the funniest people on television right now. He can deliver some lines that if anyone else says them will be lame. His humour is weird and hilarious !! He's also one of few celebs that is actually funny on talk shows. I laugh out loud every interview. LoL the nicknames of his cousins and friends from the hood are classic! Crazy (forget the name) broke up a fight holding a baby ! That's a nickname ! The way he tells a story is very unique. He's the reason I watched some of the crappy movies he unfortunately does (Little man? Rest my case). He adds to the great cast of one of my favourite shows right now, 30 Rock.

    Keep it up Tracy !!
  • Amazingly talented.

    I can't believe how much this guy makes me laugh. His stuff is so funny and honestly steals the scenes on 30 rock. He will defiantly have a long and prosperous comedy career. He brings such a weird style to his character Tracy Jordan that you almost believe its how he is in real life. I personally can see him acting like that. I hope in to see him land more roles in movies because I really enjoy his comedic style. He does a great job of poking fun of himself and putting his on flavor on things. Now thats "hilarious"
  • you are awsome

    man i love tha show were my dogs at, woof is my fav character by far hes like the best character on the show i mean seriously this is one of the best shows on tellevison and your playin the best character on da show i mean you rule man seriously you are awesome i love SNL and was happy to hear that you were on it and i just think dat you be a really cool person and yeah i love longest yard and well you get tha picture man i tink you rule aight well later dawg , peace, juanito