Tracy Pollan

Tracy Pollan


6/22/1960, Long Island, New York

Birth Name

Tracy Jo Pollan


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It will be one of the greatest unfairnesses of television celebrity history when Tracy Jo Pollan is remembered simply as the wife of an actor who had Parkinson's Disease. Indeed, she is that, and as the condition of her husband, Michael J. Fox, progresses, it will likely consume…more


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    • Tracy Pollan: (to Oprah, on her husband's illness) ...for me, it never had anything to do with him being sick. Any of the time that I would say, "Hey, wait a second! This isn't what I bought into!" it was more his doubting, and the behavior that came out of those fears, rather than him being sick.

    • Tracy Pollan: (on how Parkinson's changed her life) I feel much more at peace...I mean, there are days when I do not feel this way, but for the most part, I feel that what's supposed to happen is going to happen.... I've really learned to live in the moment.... That definitely was not my natural tendency.

    • Tracy Pollan: (refering to her husband's lifestyle when they first met) He was out of control.