Tracy Scoggins

Tracy Scoggins


11/13/1953, Dickinson, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Tracy Dawn Scolutra



Also Known As

Tracy Scroggins
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The first time the public at large learned of Tracy Scoggins, she was three years old and the Galveston Daily News did a feature article on the youngest citizen ever to apply for and receive a library card. The following fifteen years saw numerous reports of Tracy's athletic…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A great Actress

    Tracy Scoggins was in Lois and Clark: The new adventures of superman, she played the role of "cat" Catherine Grant who worked in the gossip part of the daily planet, I thought she was great in this role, she was funny and intresting and great to laugh at and i was devastated when they dropped her at the end of series 1, she could of been bigger because she was such a talented acress, i really liked they way she portrayed Cat and the **** remarks she gave to Lois and the way she tried to get Clark, she made me laugh and cry all the time.moreless
  • wow and yet she seems to have a career

    an actress who cant act

    i think i can live with that crap

    but of course what i cant live with is people who seem to think that this lady is a talented older woman .

    she may look like a sleazy middle aged lady but that really doesnt supress her devastating lack of talent.

    who the hell saw her read lines and said yes i think shes the next big thing.

    was this guy taking the mick or did he really beleive in this lady as a actress of even mediocre talent

    i have to know or other wise i may go insane

    bad bad badmoreless