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Tracy Vilar

Tracy Vilar


4/12/1968, New York, New York, USA

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Also Known As

Tracy Villars, Tracy Villars, Tracy Leigh Vilar
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Tracy Vilar is very familiar to audiences as Sophia of the "Steve Harvey Show".Also,she has starred in the TV show "First Time Out." Besides television,she starred in the telefilms "Two Came Back" and "The Cosby Mysteries".She had a recurring role on popular shows like "E.R.", "Strong Medicine", "NYPD…more


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  • I met Tracy in High School. She is a fabulous person, full of life and gifts. I am so excited for her.

    I met Tracy in High School. She was always smiling and sending out fabulous energy. I wish that she would act in more movies because she belongs on the big screen! She is very talented and we have more to see from her! I also would like to see her in different roles to see her flexibility and witness how she breathes life into a character.