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  • Trivia

    • As at 2007, Cruz's profession is as a fashion designer.

    • At at July 2007, Cruz resides in Queensland, Australia.

    • After being in the White Room for one week on Big Brother, Cruz pressed the red button to leave the house, after being offered $750 from Big Brother.

    • Cruz is a keen rugby league player.

    • On the 2007 season opener of the Australian series of Big Brother, Cruz created shockwaves when he revealed he believed men to be superior to women because Jesus was a male.

    • Cruz was one of the four 2007 'wild card' housemates that was isolated in a room labelled, 'The White Room'. The room was completely white, with white furniture and bedding. The only clothing they were permitted to wear were completely white. The person who stayed inside the White Room for the longest period would become a housemate and enter the house. When a person could not stand to be in the room any longer, they could press a button in the middle of the room and they would rejoin the general population. The button was red, providing the only colour in the room. The people in the White Room were unaware that they were being watched on a big screen by the real housemates albeit with no audio.

    • Cruz's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a fashion designer.

    • As at April 2007, Cruz resides in Queensland, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Cruz: (on the worst thing about being in the White Room) The fact that you didn't know what time it was, it's such a confined area, and the lights were on 24/7.

    • Cruz: (on the good aspect of being in the White Room) Yeah, the experience, it was something that you can't buy and I'm really proud of myself for staying for a week.

    • Cruz: (asked what made him push the red button to exit the White Room) Okay, I didn't push it for the money and I didn't rush it because I'd sort of given up, mentally given up. Not at all. I was still mentally really strong and I could have lasted another week but the reason I pushed the button was because I thought that it would have come down to a vote, which might have been another week, and the public would have voted and if the public voted, I thought there's no chance of me staying in there, so I thought to myself, would I rather be the second or the third person to leave the house, or the first? And I wanted to be the first so I could explain my story, and so I would be remembered.

    • Cruz: (asked what he did to keep amused in the White Room) Oh, it was really, really boring to be honest, I'm a very competitive person and I love competitions but I love competitions more in the style of Survivor, those sort of tasks, but this really tested me because I have no patience, and this was a waiting game, so I learnt a lot, it was a really good experience.

    • Cruz: (asked if he was disappointed to enter the White Room instead of the "Big Brother" house) Very, very, I kept asking myself, why me, why this year? But at the end of the day I thought to myself it would have been purely for the reason that they thought we were mentally the strongest. In that sense I took it as a positive.