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Travis Fimmel


Travis Fimmel Fan Reviews (6)

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  • Travis Fimmel IS "RAGNAR"!

    I've seen Mr. Fimmel on The Beast when it was on, and more recently on "Vikings". I happened to catch him being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel (on youtube) and he was He seems like a genuinely nice guy.
  • Sexy talented Travis Fimmel! Can't wait for The Beast to return!

    He's terrific in The Beast--great chemistry with Patrick Swayze. I certainly hope that the series returns and that Swayze will be ok.

    Travis is very sexy. I think he looks better now than when he was posing for Calvin Klein. He has a more mature look; he was too pretty before!

    His more mature look is just right for his gritty role on The Beast. His acting is pretty good for a former model. He plays the role just right. Hopefully if there's another season, we'll learn more about Ellis Dove.

    The only thing I didn't like upon reading Travis' bio was that he used to hunt foxes--not cool.
  • The Beast will be the first TV Show for Travis, after Tarzan, that will air! I know that many Fan's have waited so long for it!

    Travis will be an actor who will break thru after The Beast. Atleast I hope so!!! He has excellent acting skills that is way different that we are used to .... He does know how to show emotions in a natural way!
    I really hope we see more of him in the future!!

    For now we can only hope that The Beast will be picked up in the rest of the world! The reviews, of what I have read around the internet, does promise a lot! So lets wait until the 15 th of Januari!! I must say that..... I can't wait!!
  • I hope to see more of them.....

    Looking at this man will leaves you speaking something completely unknown. He makes heaven envious. Every part of him is sexy. He's ranked 4 on the top 100 sexy male models. I think totally underestimated. This sexy man should had been number two.. His acting isn't so bad either.
  • I have just discovered the wonder that is Travis Fimmel since watching "The Beast" and know feel like I've been missing out!

    I'm really enjoying "The Beast" so far and I have to admit that it is almost solely due to Travis Fimmel. I hasten to point out that I'm not being totally shallow and, although he is very nice to look at (!), I have ultimately been won over by his portrayal of Ellis. He's got that bratty, rebellious but ultimately charming approach off to a tee and it works very well against the gruffness of Patrick Swayze's Barker. He has a natural charisma and it helps to create a great on screen chemistry between the two characters. I think this means I'm going to have to find Tarzan on DVD somewhere (all in the name of reserach of course!).
  • Ummmm yeah..hahah

    Looking at this man mostly leaves me speaking something completely unknown to me. He makes heaven envious. Every small part of him is sexy. He's ranked 4 on the top 100 sexy male models. I think totally underestimated. This sexy man should had been number one.. His acting isn't so bad either.