Travis McCoy

Travis McCoy


8/5/1981, Geneva, New York

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Travis McCoy



Also Known As

Travie, Shlep, Schleprock
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Travis McCoy was on August 5th, 1981 in Geneva, New York. He is the lead vocals of the alternitive/hip-hop band, the Gym Class Heroes. He is a professional rapper and does some singing too. He has become very successful with the Gym Class Heroes.


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    • Travis: I don't agree with any label anybody puts on us for the simple fact that they're all wrong and they're all bulls**t because until we come up with a label for ourselves, nobody else can because we make the f***in' music. We make the music.

    • Travis: I was the fat kid in school. I got held back a couple of times. That's when you face the most ridicule. But I'm not bitter.

    • Travis: (about school) I always showed up for gym class without my gym clothes.

    • Travis: (When asked what drink he would recommend, as his lyrics have many alcohol references) Grey Goose and tonic all the way. It's probably the only drink I know, the only one that matters.

    • Travis: (When asked what it was like to work on "Bring It") It was awesome. Gabe [Saporta, of Midtown], William [Beckett, of The Academy Is], and I have been friends for a while and Maja [Ivarsson, of the Sounds] is gorgeous so it's easy to get along with her. It was fun. It was really fun. To be a part of that with Samuel L. Jackson and to be at the red carpet premiere it was just an amazing experience.

    • Travis: High school was a joke to me, and I knew that I either wanted to do art or music, and gym class wasn't helping me with either.

    • Travis (About the song "Faces in the Hall") It could be a true story for anybody across the United States. I felt that it was something that needed to be touched on and heard. When I finished that song in the studio I almost threw up. If somebody listens to that song and gets the same feeling I got when writing it, then I've done my job.

    • Travis: When I listen to a lot of hip-hop, I feel like [rappers] are degrading listeners. What's disgusting is that it's become a trend [to talk about money, cars, and women] to where kids getting into hip-hop have no idea about that lifestyle...and everything is so formulaic that if [rappers] don't talk about that stuff they're not going to sell records.

    • Travis There's a lot of stuff on [The Papercut Chronicles] that definitely lets people into my personal life. I know there are a lot of people that have been through or will go through what's happened to me. It's hard putting some stuff on the album, but it helped me and it could help others.

    • Travis: (When asked what flavor of ice cream he would be) I would probably be...[funny voice]...butter pecan, because I'm such a nut. [blows raspberry]

    • Travis: (When asked about the Creative process that went into The Papercut Chronicles) Basically, the album is basically two years of my life. I would write, throw stuff aside, write, throw stuff aside. When it came down to putting the album together, I just went through all these old notebooks and found stuff. It's definitely a super-personal album. I write weird. Like I said with "Taxi Driver" I wrote a line, shoved it aside. That's how I write most of the songs; I'll write something, add to it, shove it aside, go back to it, add more to it. It's about two years of my life in a nutshell, condensed into about eighteen tracks.

    • Travis: I actually met (drummer) Matt McGinley in gym class. I was the fat kid. I got held back a couple times. That's when you face the most ridicule. But I'm not bitter. I do giggle to myself when I go back home, and somebody who wouldn't give me the time of day in high school comes up and says, "I saw you on Conan and I was like 'Oh, I know that guy.'"

    • Travis: (When asked what his favorite touring moment is) Probably would have to be last week when it was Midtown's last day on the tour. We made them do beer bongs during the set and then, for their last song, we went out with flour and antiqued them all, and threw flour all over them. That was hilarious; it's all on tape too. It'll probably pop up on something.

    • Travis: Go buy our album. I like it. You should.

  • Travis McCoy is awesome!!!

    Travis Mccoy is sooooo awesome! He is sooooo great! I love him! I am a HUGE Gym Class HEroes fan!! And I think that Travis McCoy is the core of that band. They are such a great band. I love his songs! However, people only kno Cupid's Chokehold and clothes Off! People need to know about their other songs like Shoot Down the Stars, new Friend Request, Pillmatic (One of my favorites), and soo much more! Travis McCoy is a lyrical genius! He writes very good songs for the Gym Class HEroes and he is ssuch a talented rapper and singer.moreless