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  • Trivia

    • Travis was the 19th person evicted from Big Brother. He was evicted on a double eviction with fellow housemate Billy.

    • Travis won Friday Night Live on 'Seven Deadly Sins' night, on 20th July, 2007.

    • Travis injured his back during one night of games on Friday Night Live, when he fell off a balance beam.

    • Travis was chosen for the 2004 series of Big Brother but chose not to enter as his wife was pregnant at the time.

    • Travis' son, Jesse, was born with a rare condition in which he cannot grow teeth.

    • Travis' son Jesse's celebrated his third birthday while he was in the Big Brother house.

    • Travis was a child model.

    • Travis is an avid AFL fan and follows Richmond.

    • Travis is a fussy eater. When invited to friends' homes for dinner, he often doesn't touch his food, preferring instead to stop at McDonalds on his way home. Travis will also refuse to eat left-over food the following day as he believes it's been contaminted.

    • Before entering the Big Brother house, Travis hid a Mothers' Day present for his wife, and also a present for his son, Jesse, who turned three while he was in the house.

    • Travis polishes his truck every evening after work.

    • Travis' wife revealed to Big Brother audiences that Travis was a romantic at heart and regularly buys her cards and flowers.

    • Travis' grandfather is ex-Richmond AFL player, Polly Perkins.

    • Travis is reluctant to try new food, and had Thai food for the first time in 2007, after his wife finally convinced him to do so. He also said overcoming his fear of other people's cooking was one of the hardest hurdles he had to overcome in the Big Brother house.

    • If Travis was to pursue another line of employment, it would be as a landscape gardener.

    • Travis has been afraid to travel by plane since 9/11.

    • Both 'Centrebet' and 'Lasseters Sports Book' listed Travis as the favorite to win Big Brother 2007 from the beginning of the series until his eviction from the final four.

    • Some of the slang translations Travis uses are as follows: Moo juice: Milk Moody blues: Feeling upset Moby: Mobile phone OJ Simpson: Orange Juice Bum nuts, bummos: Eggs Betty Boo: Hair Take the kids to the water park: Go to the bathroom Dyno lifter: Sexual tension Got your frilly pink undies on: You’re being a wuss She’ll be rosy: Everything will be fine.

    • Travis has revealed that a Jack Russell would best represent himself because 'they're feisty, energetic little tackers'.

    • Travis says his theme song would be I'm a Bloke! by Chris Franklin.

    • Travis says his genuineness is his best quality.

    • Travis describes himself in three words as straight up, honest and caring.

    • Travis is married with one child, a son named Jesse.

    • Travis has a dog named Richo.

    • Travis' favorite movie is the Australian comedy, The Castle.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother, Travis described himself as straight up, honest and caring.

    • On the season opening episode of the 2007 Australian Big Brother series, Travis revealed he had worked as a model when he was a child.

    • Travis' favorite music is Australian 'pub-rock'.

    • Travis was the oldest 2007 Big Brother housemate, at age 32.

    • Travis' occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a truck driver.

    • As at April 2007, Travis resides in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Travis: (revealing his friend died while he was in the "Big Brother" house) BB told me that he'd passed away and said (Adam) didn't want me to leave and that his dying wish was that I stay in there and he's proud of me. It was bloody hard. I'll hold a memorial for him once this is all over.

    • Travis: (asked if he had any regrets from his "Big Brother" experience) No. I don't have any regrets in life and I didn't have any regrets from the House. I will make mistakes, I have made mistakes and I'm going to continue to make them when I leave here, because it's all about the person who you are and you learn from them and that's the way I treated the House. I didn't go in there trying to be perfect; it's just what you do. I stuffed up probably a few times; it's just what I do. I don't know, what do you do? Nah I don't really have any regrets in life and I have none in the House. If you would put me back in there tomorrow, you may as well press play on the last 99 days, 'cause that's all you're going to see again.

    • Travis: (asked who he thought would win the 7th season of "Big Brother") I said Monday night I would've preferred Aleisha, I had at that stage Zach, Aleisha and Billy to pick from, but I just thought Aleisha deserved to win. I won't change that but I think Zach might win. I think the gay community have got a massive support out there and that's good because they should be able to stand up for what they believe. It's only who you sleep with, it doesn't mean that you haven't got brothers and sisters - you drive in the same roads, you shop in the same shops and you eat the same food - it doesn't matter who you bunk with to me. They're still someone's brother, someone's sister, so I reckon he should be proud and I think he's doing his community proud, and good on him. I think his support will be bigger than Aleisha's, I reckon.

    • Travis: (on "Big Brother" finalists, Zach and Aleisha) I think they're very nice bloody people, both of them. Like Aleisha's got a lot to offer, she's a young little jellybeany thing. And I've said in there if you could ever adopt an adult you'd adopt her, because she's like a bouncy little jellybeany thing and she's full of life and she's a good kid, and I think that's why she's there. And I reckon she's been the same all the way through.
      I reckon Zach's there because, it seems as if everyone that's gone through there, within reason, on this journey has probably reached a nice comfortable level around the week seveny mark - that's where Zach is now. He's quite cruisey and cushy, that's why he's still here now. He's really feeling comfortable, not that I never did in the joint, but Zach's at his peak now. He's peaking and he's still there because he's a bloody nice bloke and he's proud of his community and he should be, and he's a nice bloke. He deserves to be there and either of them deserves to win because they're nice people.

    • Travis: (on his least favorite thing in the "Big Brother" house) Oh the food yeah, tofu was bloody ordinary mate. The best spot for tofu is in the bin. That and bloody brown rice and red kidney beans and chuck peas - I don't care if I never see it ever again. Staples, that's all they're good for, is holding bloody bits of paper together. That's all they are, staples. I didn't like the food but then it was good towards the end. But I wasn't gonna whinge because we weren't put in there to be on a holiday camp, we were put in there to be tested, and we were tested, but it was those that didn't get effected by it too much that seemed to just cruise along. And I don't let things get to me. There's so much more in life and people in there sometimes worry about silly little things. They don't bother me, you know what I mean. I've got other things in life that are more important to me, so people worrying about little trivial things because their hair's not sitting right or because their crows are a bit creased or their clothes have been taxed from five weeks, those things don't get to me, they're all part of it.

    • Travis: (on what he wants to be remembered for on "Big Brother") I want to be remembered as the person that was consistent - the same bloke that rocked in there on day one is the same bloke you see sitting on this couch now. And I know I haven't changed and I hope people understand that I haven't changed. I've probably become more tolerant with people's food. I could never eat other people's cooking in my life before. I used to hit Ronnies on the way home from everyone's houses, because I just couldn't stomach it. I don't like it when they make it with their hands. I'm so selective on people when they cook food at who makes it, because I don't know where their hands have been. That was a big hurdle I had to climb. And she's a dirty joint in there at times and who knows where their bloody hands have been, but that was one hurdle I had to overcome and I got over the bloody thing. So it was all good.

    • Travis: (on being evicted from "Big Brother") I was ready go. I've been ready to go for a few weeks. And I wondered why I was there for so long. I don't know why I'm there. I don't know what I have to offer. I can't dance, I don't sing, I don't know anything but to me and I thought I'd be boring. What can I offer to people? Everyone there, they've all done acting classes and they're all beautiful and pretty and that to me is just wrapping paper, but I'm happy with who I am and that's all it was. And the thing is I didn't think I would've lasted anywhere near that time, because to me, I just didn't see what I would have that would be appealing.

    • Travis: (asked how he got on with BB) I had my mate pass away while I was in here and Big Brother was excellent to me, so what more can I ask? He's a bloody good bloke. I can't bloody bag him at all. So any negativey style stuff he might get, I don't agree with it, 'cause I reckon he's good. Yeah I rate him. I told him he'll get a Christmas card from me next year.

    • Travis: (naming his closest friends in the "Big Brother" house) Definitely Andrew and Billy, my two closest mates, because they're just like me. They're sort of easy-going and they're just blokes who I'd normally come into contact with on the outside, so I'd say Andrew and Billy, no doubt.

    • Travis: (on his housekeeping chore): I'm on the Sadie gig this week.

    • Travis: (on baking in the sauna): It's 75 degrees… why don't we put the bread in here during the day to rise?

    • Travis: I'm just a truck driver that looks GOOD.

    • Travis: (on saunas) How can that be good for ya? I feel like I'm in an iron. I've never been in anything like this in my entire life. It's bloody hot!

    • Jamie MacDonald: (on Travis, in "Big Brother") Really good listener and he'll turn round to you three weeks later and go, "Remember that time when you went to the toilet at KFC and there was someone next to you and they had blue pants" and you're just going, "Whoa!" He remembers things in detail. That is a skill, that's huge.

    • Travis: (on when he leaves Big Brother) I just can't wait to get home, build something and smell some timber.

    • Travis: What is Bollywood? I've never heard of that joint.

    • Travis: (after being told by "Big Brother" to tone down his use of slang) Just want to confirm with you…I'm probably the worst culprit thingo at this nickname thing. I understand where you're coming from, it's just the way I am, I've gotta deal with it however. With my things, you know how I refer to eggs as bummos, me hair as me Betty Boo - is that against the law? 'Cause I don't want to come untuck. I understand shortening people's names, I have to really pull me head in, but for general things like moo juice… I've just got heaps of me own things. If I'm not shortening someone's name…can you please just confirm for me, probably the biggest struggler of this?
      Big Brother: Travis, "nicknames" refers to housemate names.
      Travis: Beautiful. You've done me a bloody lot of good there. I must admit, you'll get a Christmas card from me this year. That was good.

    • Travis: (asked for his favorite personal trait or quality) I believe my genuineness is my best quality. What you see is what you get.

    • Travis: My mates are a lot like me - I don't have silver spoony mates who are bottle-fed.

    • Travis: I've only ever wanted to be a truckie, since I was a nipper.