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    • Travis: (on what he wants to be remembered for on "Big Brother") I want to be remembered as the person that was consistent - the same bloke that rocked in there on day one is the same bloke you see sitting on this couch now. And I know I haven't changed and I hope people understand that I haven't changed. I've probably become more tolerant with people's food. I could never eat other people's cooking in my life before. I used to hit Ronnies on the way home from everyone's houses, because I just couldn't stomach it. I don't like it when they make it with their hands. I'm so selective on people when they cook food at who makes it, because I don't know where their hands have been. That was a big hurdle I had to climb. And she's a dirty joint in there at times and who knows where their bloody hands have been, but that was one hurdle I had to overcome and I got over the bloody thing. So it was all good.