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    • Travis: (on his least favorite thing in the "Big Brother" house) Oh the food yeah, tofu was bloody ordinary mate. The best spot for tofu is in the bin. That and bloody brown rice and red kidney beans and chuck peas - I don't care if I never see it ever again. Staples, that's all they're good for, is holding bloody bits of paper together. That's all they are, staples. I didn't like the food but then it was good towards the end. But I wasn't gonna whinge because we weren't put in there to be on a holiday camp, we were put in there to be tested, and we were tested, but it was those that didn't get effected by it too much that seemed to just cruise along. And I don't let things get to me. There's so much more in life and people in there sometimes worry about silly little things. They don't bother me, you know what I mean. I've got other things in life that are more important to me, so people worrying about little trivial things because their hair's not sitting right or because their crows are a bit creased or their clothes have been taxed from five weeks, those things don't get to me, they're all part of it.