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    • Travis: (on "Big Brother" finalists, Zach and Aleisha) I think they're very nice bloody people, both of them. Like Aleisha's got a lot to offer, she's a young little jellybeany thing. And I've said in there if you could ever adopt an adult you'd adopt her, because she's like a bouncy little jellybeany thing and she's full of life and she's a good kid, and I think that's why she's there. And I reckon she's been the same all the way through.
      I reckon Zach's there because, it seems as if everyone that's gone through there, within reason, on this journey has probably reached a nice comfortable level around the week seveny mark - that's where Zach is now. He's quite cruisey and cushy, that's why he's still here now. He's really feeling comfortable, not that I never did in the joint, but Zach's at his peak now. He's peaking and he's still there because he's a bloody nice bloke and he's proud of his community and he should be, and he's a nice bloke. He deserves to be there and either of them deserves to win because they're nice people.