Travis Stork

Travis Stork


3/9/1972, Ft. Collins, Colorado

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In 2005 Travis starred as 'The Bachelor' looking for "a woman to share his life with." Travis took on that challenge against a spectacular backdrop of Paris and its beautiful sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elyses and the historic Arc de Triomphe. Travis has been…more


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  • Travis Stork needs to Leave Town

    I've recently begun watching the new show "The Doctors" on the advise of a few of my friends. Well, I enjoy the topics and the show is informative. However, there is one thing that ruins it for me and keeps me from wanting to watch or listen to it- Travis Stork. The way he talks to people just seems so obnoxious and arrogant. I thought I might be the only one who thought this way but after speaking with others, it turns out that others feel the same way. It is a shame to have someone on the show with such an offensive demeanor. I wouldn't be surprised that it effects ratings. I would recommend a replacement for him.moreless
  • He's a doctor, an All-American guy, who loves adventure. He's life is full of everything he could ever want. But he has one thing missing; the girl of his dreams. So, Travis Stork goes to Paris to find the girl of his dreams on The Bachelor.moreless

    What more can I say? He's a handsome doctor, who has a heart of gold and abs of steel! I definitely think that he is the best bachelor yet! His smile is soo perfect and he handles himself perfectly in uncomfortable conversations. He's the guy who is a perfect gentlemen and perfect to take home to meet the parents. If only I was 10 years older (or he was 10 years younger) would I love to marry this man...TRAVIS...YOU ARE THE BEST! and by the by, he is sooo cute with Sarah! I hope you guys last forever!moreless