Travis Wall





9/16/1987 , Virginia Beach, VA

Birth Name

Travis Wall




Travis has been dancing since he was 3 years old. He started at his mother's dance studio, Denise Wall's Dance Energy, in Virginia Beach, VA., training in jazz, lyrical, and contemporary styles. He also excels in hip-hop, and pretty much anything but ballroom, he says. In his early years, Travis performed on Showstopper American Dance Championships Television Show, where he along with Dance Energy won the competition.

He made his Broadway debut acting and dancing in The Music Man from April 27, 2000 to December 30, 2001. During these years he played Eddie Mason, understudied the young male lead, Winthop, and later played Barney Hix.

In 2003 and 2004, Wall went on to win the title Outstanding Dancer from the National Dance Alliance. Dance Energy also took top honors for their group routine. More recently Travis has won several regional and national dance titles. He is the former winner (2003) and current teacher with the New York City Dance Alliance outstanding male teen dancer.

Prior to So You Think You Can Dance, Travis has been featured in the book Moving Still: a live performance. A compilation of photographs depicting dancers in movement. Travis later toured with this company. He performed with the American dance Artists Company.

In 2006 he went as far as becoming the runner-up in the search for America's Favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. He was then featured on with the top 10 dancers on the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour.

He has now moved to Los Angeles with Ivan from SYTYCD

He credits his brother Danny as the best professional dancer that he knows, and shows deep respect for him and the dance industry. Also, he designs and makes many of his clothing.
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