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    Check the new note: Allison explained why she danced with Travis at the end.
    She said in an interview with TV guide

    Did you wish you'd had the chance to partner with anyone else on
    the show?

    I love Ivan with all my heart, but I would have loved to dance with Travis.
    We dance so much alike, and we have so much history together — not personal
    history, but we worked together this last year... for a convention called New
    York City Dance Alliance. Last summer, I won the national title. After you win
    that, you go on tour and assist them and help teach. Travis had won a couple
    years back. We became close there. It would have been fun to show how we know
    each other that well.

    And that's why you directed your farewell solo to him on the
    It was me just passing on that I'm leaving the show, but I still love
    you and you're still here....And this is my goodbye to you.

    So they aren't dating...they just have history!

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    they been not dating. travis is single.
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