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  • My goodness, Travis Wall is just a doll. Charming, talented, and very much confident.. the things that girls love. haha.

    Travis Wall was featured on the show, So You Think You Can Dance, and from then, he's been doing the SYTYCD tour, possibly music videos, and other gigs and such. He's an amazing guy, I would have to say (though, I have never met him, he sure looks like one on screen. lol.) He's super talented and just gorgeously handsome.
  • Travis Is The Best Dancer Ever! And He's Totally Hott!

    I First Saw Travis Wall On So You Think You Can Dance And Fell In Love With Him Straight Away!!! He Is The BEST Dancer I Have EVER Seen!! He Is Truly Amazing And He Is Sooo Hott!! Ha ha Travis Can Dance All Different Types Of Style Ranging From Contempory To Street...Contempory Being His Favourite. Travis Came Second (First Runner Up) In The American Tv Hit So You Think You Can Dance..With Benji Schwimmer Taking First Place. Since Travis' Appearance On So You Think You Can Dance He Has Been LA House Hunting With Best Friend Ivan He Has Attended The Kids Choice Awards With The Other Top 4 Contestants Of The Show And Has Taught At His Mums Dance School Which He Attended Himself.
  • Honestly, Travis is the most talented performer on the stage every night.

    Travis has carried each of his partners with the exception of Heidi, Doneyelle, and Benji. I think the best dancing has been in the performance finale because of the fact that they are all such great dancers. Travis, however, has proven himself time and time again that he will be an amazing soloist in any company of dancers. He stands out because of his unique style, and hides in the back with his humbleness. Travis is an excellent performer with a strong sense of his body and it's abilities and his movement. His movement is very, very connected to how he is feeling and he connects with the audience. Technically he is the strongest dancer on the stage. I think that any dancer in the world wishes he had his feet and his connection with movement. There is only one word for Travis Wall: Whoooooohhhhh!

    On top of that he designs his own clothing...that's so intense!

    Without a doubt one of the best dancers i have ever seen and i personally think his contempory dance with heidi was the best of the season!
    I saw the clips for the show and decided to watch it and i am so glad i did, he is so talented! I loved sitting down and watching the show every week, all the dancers were very good, i think that they had to choose the styles of dance makes the show more interesting.
    I would also like to say i wish all the final 10 had won,, i thought they were all great! though Travis was my favourite and should have won!
  • He's amazing.

    Travis completely captivated me every single week. I just loved to watch him dance. He was only 18 on the show and showed so much professionalism and maturity. I thought he was just amazing and it really showed that he loved dance. I loved his contemporary routine with heidi the best. It was just simply amazing. I could never take my eyes off travis while he was dancing. I really wish he would've won, because i thought he would've been a perfect fit for a celine dion show, but I definitely think that travis will have an enormous future in dance...i don't think we've seen the last of him.
  • I love Travis Wall!!!!! He is both an amazing dancer and incredibly HOTT!! I loved him as a part of Tranji and as a dancer all by himself. I love you Travis!!!!!!

    I love Travis Wall sooo Much!!(Yes, I am a Wall-nut) He is by far the best dancer on the television show \"So you think you can dance.\" Being a dancer myself, I can see that his technique and performing abilities are amazing. He adapted to every style of dance and performed it like it was his specialty. I seriously almost cried when he danced the Mia Michaels\'s contemporary dance with Heidi. (AKA the Bench dance lol) He is also incredibly hot!!! I Love you Travis! Keep on dancing! you are going to go so far in your dancing career. Go Travis!
  • Travis is by far one of the most talented performers I\'ve ever seen on a reality show! I just cant stop watching whenever he dances, its truley amazing!

    With all of the reality show stars swamping our television screens it sometimes makes me wonder if there really is any talent left in the world, or if it is all just put on for show by television. However, when I saw Travis Wall dance for the first time on \"So you think you can dance\" I quickly thought of him as one of the most, if not thee most talented performer I\'ve ever seen on a reality show!

    There is just so much passion and emotion to his performances that I can\'t tear my eyes away from him while he is dancing. He commands the stage and stands out amongst everyone else in the group. What I love about him most is that he doesn\'t just have an amazing talent at such a young age, but wonderful dicipline, a loveable personality, and he is pure. You can tell that he accepts who he is and that is inspirational to me. Any guy who is willing to dance because he loves it and cry because he feels it gets high marks in my book!

    I never cared to see a reality show concert or tour in my life, until Travis came along. Now I\'m eagerly awaiting when tickets go on sale so I can snag one and see him in person! What an amazing talent, I just hope everyone sees what I do!
  • Travis is so totally hot!

    Gosh what can you say about Travis besides that he's hot!!! Yeah Travis is also so so great at dancing and he's got that cyte baby face and everything about him is beautiful! Like when he does a dance he always smiles and laughs and he is just great. I love when Travis and Benji danced together cuz they did the nerd kinga theme and it just looked so hot and then they were going to take off their shirtd but they didn't. I love when Travis does hip hop dancing cuz he does his best when he does hip hop.
  • travis wall is off the wall i just wonder what that thing between him and allison is

    Travis Wall is nothing less than sexy he may be short compared to the rest of the males but he makes up for it in sexiness I love him he is an excellent dancer but i think martha was holding him back dont get me wrong i love martha but i didnt notice him until matha left so that has to tell you something if travis does not win this compitition i will be highly upset and horrified i can not believe that he is talented and i really love him for that and i just want to know one thing what was going on when allison got eliminated are they dating because she is very beautiful but I love travis not her