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Born in 1977, 5' 8'' Travis Wester is an American actor who hails from Culver City, California. In his early years he attended North Hollywood Senior High, graduating in 1995. Travis's first major acting break was in Beverly Hills, 90210, playing Austin Sanders. He then went on to…more


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    • Travis: I went to school with a kid and his dad was in the original Batman movie, and his dad played the Joker's henchman Bob I think it was, and he got an action figure made of himself, and I just thought that was so cool.

    • Travis: (On working with A.J. Buckley in Supernatural) A.J. and I hit it off straight away, personally. We had no idea what it was going to be like professionally until...we shot the "Hell Hounds" episode in Season 1. And we just kind of fell right into it. It just clicked, you know, sometimes you're working with someone and things don't really fall into place. Sometimes you're blessed and things just all come together. And with A.J. and I things just kind of came together right away. It was awesome. Did we have to work on that dynamic? No. That's how we were from minute one.

    • Travis: My brother tells me I've developed the unfortunate habit of whistling a lot lately. I can't explain but it's true. Any time I get out of the car or whatever I'll just kind of like spend the next few minutes whistling whatever tune it was that I was listening to last. Which [my brother] says is really, really annoying.