Travis Willingham

Travis Willingham


8/3/1981, Dallas Texas

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Travis was born in Dallas, Texas on August 3rd, 1981. He graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1999 and then made the short drive to Fort Worth to study theatre at Texas Christian University where Travis graduated in May 2003 with a BFA in Theater Performance. His…more


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  • My favorite dub voice.

    My favorite dub voice. I love his voice. So smooth and sexy. He does a great job as Mustang from FullMetal Alchemist. To bad he doesn’t do more voice acting, he’s got so much talent that could be put to good use. He can ether be a serous leader, or a fun loving pervert. Anyway, good work Travis Willingham. Please do more voices.
  • I'm a pretty tough critic when it comes to voice acting. I consider exactly the same as real acting. You need to accurately potray emotions and feelings so the audience can feel the character and take them seriously.moreless

    Normally, one would expect the VAs (Voice Actors) from a

    studio like Funimation to suck royally, Dragonball Z's cast

    being an excellent example if you compared them to the

    original cast prior to airing on Cartoon Network.

    Still, Travis does an excellent job voicing Roy well in all

    his mannerisms. Hell, I actually prefer his voice to Mr.

    Toru Okawa, who is Japan's VA for Roy. That's not very often in my case! He gets the exact emotion required done

    correctly, and sounds good doing it. Bravo Travis.moreless