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    I feel that when Traylor Howard joined the show "Monk" became much better all around Sharonna has nothing on Traylor Howards character. I didn't watch the show until now master marathon going on. I only hope she'll soon stop calling Monk Mr. Monk I think they are in 1st name territory after 5 years.
  • Traylor great in Natalie role

    When I first started watching the Monk series in which Traylor plays Natalie Tieger, it was in the fourth season so she had already replaced the Sherona charactor. I remember thinking, after watching some episodes from previous seasons, how much better she fit in to the sidekick role than Sherona, and even when she gets bossy she doesn't come off as a real ... well you know. She has a very sweet personality and comes off as a real companion and friend for Adrian, not just someone trying to get a paycheck. She always presents herself in a positive light and brings a comfort to the show that makes it very enjoyable and refreshing. Good job Traylor and keep up the good work.
  • Terrific combination

    Great-looking woman, acting seems natural to her, has a presence that adds a lot of "real world" believability in a set of characters that include the cartoonish Monk and the Lt. who does only a fair job playing inept, probably not his fault, bad concept and role as written. Monk (as written and directed) irritates me so bad I often skip watching, but Natalie sweetens the deal. You'd think as an executive producer, Tony Shaloub would be able to tune up the character to be more believable.
  • Traylor Howard is so hot

    Traylor Howard is a great actress she plays in my favorite show monk and she does a great job she plays as Natalie Teeger she has ben playing on monk since the mid season of season 3 she is mainly why the show increased in rating and she is expected to be on the show til the end i hope this is true she is my favorite actress and she always will be she should have ben on more shows movies and show guest star aperencres hopefully after monk she will star in another show i will watch it i promise u Traylor i promise u
  • Very pretty actress

    The only shows I’ve seen Traylor Howard on are: Boston Common, Two Guys and a Girl and Monk.

    I don't remember much about Boston Common or Two Guys and a Girl since its been a while since I've watched the shows, but I really like her character on Monk.

    She plays Natalie Teeger on Monk who after the 38th episode replaced Sharona Fleming as Monk's assistant, I personally like Natalie better then Sharona, her character is kind, sweet and loving not only to her daughter but she seems to have respect for Monk. Traylor is a great addition to monk and because of her the show is better then it was before.