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  • Tre Cool is my favorite drummer.

    No other drummer makes me filled with so much happiness than Tre Cool. I do not know why I love Tre Cool so much! The drum tabs of every song (Basket Case being my favorite), his amazing technique, and the amount of energy he has (A LOT) makes me go wild and crazy. He has given me so much inspiration about being a drummer; I just want to be like him. Whenever I watch live shows of Green Day, I watch Tre Cool. He is so hilarious sometimes, always acting up, and I love it when he gets the chance to sing. His skill at the drums and his fun personality makes me so fond of him. Whenever I listen to Green Day's music, I always tap my hands and foot with him. He is such a unique kind of guy.
  • The best drummer in the world!

    Tre is the best drummer in the world! Hes also an awesome guitarist, and he's really good at the accordian in the song "Misery". His name says what he is, "Tre Cool" or very cool. I like his songs, they're funny and he has a funny voice. Hes hullarious during interviews and sometimes even live performances. I love watching Green Day perform on Letterman, because he always does something funny after they finish the song. He climbed the universal globe, which was awesome and extremely hullarious to watch. Tre is the coolest, funniest, awesomest person on the plannet, and hes the best drummer EVER! Tre rocks!
  • The best drummer in the world

    Tre Cool literally IS cool. He is an amazing drummer, and his silly personality makes him "enjoyable". He sang Part Four of "Homecoming", which is "Rock And Roll Girlfriend". I didn't know this until a couple weeks ago. He is a skilled musician but can't really sing! His real name is Frank Edwin Wright (or Right) the III (third) and I'm glad he changed it to Tre Cool, which means "very cool" in French. There is definately no better drummer out there. He can keep the beat and the music is difficult, believe me, I've tried!
  • His name says what he really is!

    Tre Cool really is "very cool" and talented! I mean, who wouldn't say he's talented after seeing (or hearing) how fast and awesome he plays the drums. The speed of how he plays the drums is unbelieveable. How does he do it? Is he a robot? He is the best drummer in the world!!!
  • There is one person on this planet that is both beautiful and talented....and his name is...Tre Cool!

    Tre Cool is not only very handsome but he is the greatest drummer in the world and he belongs to the greatest band on the planet.Not only does he call himself the greatest drummer in the world,he won an award for it! That is pretty impressive. All in all he is an amazing person.
  • He is MR. COOL,literely. (!)

    He is My hero! I have been playing drums for 10 years now and he has been my insperstion and guide! I even have His Kit for my gigs! I also have This Kit Too! . He is one of the best drummers in the world. He is COOL!

    TRE INFO AND FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tre has his left nipple peirced (however he might have took it out in recent years).
    Tre once milked a dog because he wanted milk for his coffee, and the house he was staying in didn't have any.
    Tre was class president for a time when he was in high school.
    Tre is the only person to ever climb the Universal Studios ball (their trademark) in Orlando, Florida. He climbed the ball at the 1998 MTV Music Awards.
    Tre loves to golf.
    Tre only has one testicle. He lost the other one in a tragic unicycle accident. He was riding it on a stage at a high school near his home town when suddenly he fell off the stage and landed on the unicycle. His testicle went inside his body, and the doctor examining him took one look and said "hmm... translucent scrotum..."
    Tre played violin in the second grade.
    Tre's dad built Lawrence Livermore's house.
    Tre actually went to a clown college before the band got big which explains his wild antics.
    Tre uses the same drumkit, Slingerland, as the drummer from The Who does, which is Keith Moon. This is also of course Slingerland, and oddly the two drummers have the same wild and crazy stage antics.
    In an interview on Trio, Tre has said that if he were any female celebrity he would be "that chick from the Golden Girls, because she's old and loose".
    Tre once caught a shark on accident, and after beating it with a baseball bat multiple times, it finally died when he hit it with the stump of the bat.
    Tre is the godfather of Billie Joe's kids.
    In an interview, they were asked what kind of music they liked, and Tre answered, " I like Fisher Price music, nursery rhymes, and the alphabet song"................Mike "seconded the motion".
    In the Walking Contradiction video Tre is chased by a bread truck.
    Tre's dad was a Vietnam helicopter pilot.
    Tre likes his shoes.
    On MTV's Wildest moments of the VMA's there's a short Clip of Tre with David Grohl from The Foo Fighters (and previously from Nirvana) singing to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People".
    Tre dressed as a priest at a gig (in Dublin). It was probably in reference to Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) who is a big fan.
    Tre dressed up as Benji Madden of Good Charlotte for Halloween, 2004.
    Tre made his first records with The Lookouts when he was 12.
    Tre is french for very, which makes him very cool.
    Tre hopes that if if the band does star in the American Idiot movie, at least he gets to dress in drag.

    All info was researced by me and is copyrighted with the Federal Judge of Ireland. (FDI).

    His Kit=

    This Kit Too=

    c. JOHNMALLON 2005,
  • Travis Barker? Uh, no ... there can only be ONE person with the title of "The Greatest Drummer In Rock and Roll" and his name is Tre Cool.

    This man is a god ... simple as that. The speed at which he plays the drums is unbelievable and the energy and charisma that is showcased during Green Day's live performances is just as incredible. He's not just a drummer, but a PERFORMER. When he's on stage, he doesn\'t look as if he's just playing the drums for everbody ... it looks as if he's PERFORMING. He just has such a fun personality and I love him for it!

    I am dissapointed, however, at the lack of information this site has about Tre, and even the information that IS listed is incorrect. His birthday, his birthplace ... that's not the correct information.

    Oh well, whether this site has accurate information about Tre doesn't matter ... Tre Cool is "the greatest rock and roll drummer on the planet and you suck!" haha...