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  • I have only ever see Treat in Everwood,and never miss an episode.I've not seen him without his beard untill now,looking at the photos of him.I like his manner,his looks and his gentle voice.I would like to see more of the talented man.He's a hottie!

    I didn't realise he was in Brothers and Sisters,It's not long started here in New Zealand,I'll have to star watching.See if I reconise him with out the beard.
    I enjoy Everwood,it's probably only meant for the teens but i find it enjoyable and interesting.It covers alot of subjects teens would encounter in their everyday life these days,such as abortion,flatting or living together,everyday medical dramas such as brain tumours,cancer and general accidents.
    It's a good life portrail.
    I think that treat plays the part welltrying to come to terms with his own personal crisis, bringing up a family and trying to understand their needs and feelings as well as his own.
    I love the guy, I think he's great,and so is Everwood.