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    • Trent Tomlinson: You can't ever forget where you come from. Southeast Missouri is where I'm from and I will always be from there.

    • Trent Tomlinson: So, I really think that what I do...basically, I just put my life on paper and chances are somebody else has lived through it and went though it or knows somebody else who has. I think it appeals to everybody.

    • Trent Tomlinson: I write songs that are about my life and what I have went through and what I have lived.

    • Trent Tomlinson: I didn't want to wake up eventually kicking myself in the rear end for not knowing what would have happened if I'd tried music.

    • Trent Tomlinson: I wanted to play like Jerry Lee Lewis, so I quit the lessons and taught myself.

    • Trent Tomlinson: I learned about the meaning of hard work and what can happen in life when you work as hard as you can.