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  • Dot and Babs.

    Alright, most people know her for her work on "The Simpsons", but to me, she's Babs Bunny and Dot Warner, from Tiny Toon Adventures and Animanics. Now I'm sure she's had a jillion other roles for a jillion diffrent companies, but those 90's Warner Brother cartoons are some of her best. She can pull off the insanly cute voice, and not sound like an idiot. That takes talent! Most people who try to do the cute voice sound either annoying and giggly or annoying and more annoying. Not her! But not only that, she can sing when she needs too (though it isn't really her strong point) and she has a billion other voices besides cute... and that's just judging from Tiny Toons and Animaniacs!
  • Tress MacNeille knows exactly what she's doing! She knows how to perform better than anybody. Tress is the best voice actor ever.

    Tress MacNeille is, by far, my favorite voice actress (and actress in general). She has got an amazing range. She can act, she can sing, and she can definitely make me laugh. Her timing is perfect in nearly every performance. She knows how to deliver. She knows the right tone, the right pitch, the right way to say everything. My favorite character that Tress does is Dot because, while Dot is sometimes adorable, she also sometimes has a bit of a temper. It is split-personality characters like Dot that Tress does better than anybody in the industry. Almost every character she does is either insane, sleazy, or obnoxious, and I can she why she is picked for those roles. She knows how to portray it. It just comes naturally to her.
  • Tress MacNeille...what can I say..her talent is amazing...I would like to call her, "the fist lady of 1,000 voices." she owns that title. ^^

    Tress is one of my all time favorites, including the voices of Dot (Animaniacs) Babs (Tiny Toon Adventures) and Gadget (Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers). Callie Briggs is one of my favorite characters on Swat Kats as well. I wish that I could get a chance to meet her talent at work. Seriously, I want to be a voice actress like her. She's my idol. ^^
  • Tress MacNeille is one of my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tress MacNeille is very talanted. She is one of my favorite voice actors just like Rob paulsen and Jess harnell and Tom kenny and also Tara stronge. She did the voice of Dot Warner,Hello Nerse, and Martha Hippo on Animaniacs. She also did the voice of Daisy Duck on House Of Mouse of in other mickey mouse shows. Angellica`s mother on Rugrats and All Grown Up. If I was a girl I would wish I had Tress MacNeille voice because my voice is weird. She can change her voice, its awesome. I dont know what else to say but she is great.
  • Tress MacNeille is an amazing voice over - arguably the best in the business!

    I don't know where to start! How do I review her? Aside from being the most remarkable, versatile voice over, Tress MacNeille is a very funny, intelligent woman! I first started becoming interested in voice overs when I started watching Futurama, and it wasn't long before I was incredibly intrigued by one Tress MacNeille. She voiced all of my favourite characters, and I soon discovered that she'd been with me my entire life. The best example of this is Widget. When I was little I just couldn't get enough of Widget (I still keep an eye out for merchandise now!) and I was stunned to find out that Tress was in it. One of my favourite things is listening to Tress do the Futurama audio commentaries. She is just what I imagined her to be!! She's witty, clever, humble and knows just how to have everyone in stitches! Now I am an avid fan, and find myself watching silly TV shows whenever they're on, just in case she's in them. Tress has enriched my life, and certainly deserves more credit that she gets. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe how incredible she is or how much I admire her. Tress truly is one of the all time greats.

  • empty

    What a great voice actor! With lots of work on Rugrats, Simpsons, etc. Her voice is great, mostly because she stars on the Simpsons, but hey, it's my opinion...
  • She's a voice legend!

    So far, Tress MacNeille is one of the best voice actresses out there, and she deserves to be a legend in the animation industry! My favorite characters of hers include Babs Bunny, Dot Warner, Hello Nurse, Gadget Hackwrench, and Daisy Duck! I'm afraid I must disagree with those who think Daisy is gay, because she ain't! I think Tress MacNeille deserves awards for all these roles! Just as Kath Soucie deserves an award for the voice of Fifi LaFume! Tress MacNeille is awesome!!! And she's HOT!!!
  • She is pretty good but i feel sorry for her that she has to be the voice of the gayest duck in history Daisy Duck.

    I like Tress MacNeille she's a pretty good actress who stars in such shows like Simpsons Rugrats and Futurama all though i feel sorry for her that she has to be the voice of Daisy Duck she's way better than Daisy Duck ever is she has to be the voice of a retarded gay duck i feel dead sorry for her for that but other than that she's like the female Tom Kenny has a good voice especially Daisy's but it gets on my nerves sometimes she mainly plays the voice of many old people though.
  • She is a very talented actress. And I personally think that she puts so much into her roles. And that's why I like Tiny Toons and Animaniacs so much.

    The first show I saw with her in it was of course Tiny Toons. Her role of Babs was phonomonal. She just put so much into her character that she was very enjoyable. It was amazing how she could do all of those immations and sing. And I thought she was great. And Dot from Animaniacs was another favorite of mine. And that was the reason why I liked her so much.
  • When I was younger I thought she was the greatest ever.

    When I was younger I really enjoyed her work as Babs Bunny in Tiny Tune Adventures and Dot in Animaniacs. Now I know and love her in a vast amount of rolls like Sara Ravencroft in Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost and Bonnie in Lilo & Stitch the Series. And there are so many more than that as well! I just think she's great! Very awesome!
  • Another very underappreciated and talented star.

    Tress MacNeille is a very talented voice actress and I personally like her voice. The way she voices the characters may not be as unique but at least the characters she does mostly have a very good and interesting personality.

    Her work on The Simpsons is what she is well-known for. She has also worked on some other great shows such as Rugrats, House of Mouse, Lilo and Stitch, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, the ever-underappreciated As Told By Ginger and so on.

    The only roles that I would like her not to do is for boys. Tress MacNeille isnt well-suited for those roles because well, even if shedoes sound good with voicing boys, its just not her kind of thing.