Trevor Boris

Trevor Boris


9/10/1977, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

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Trevor Boris


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Born and raised in Selkirk, near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Trevor Boris was once a farmer who worked 160 acres of land to pay for university. Trevor started out by performing stand-up comedy at various amateur comedy nights, including Manitoba's Fringe Festival, Rumors, and the local Yuk Yuk's and, since…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • For the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Trevor was chosen to represent Much Music with his "Live at the Base" segments in Whistler. They were broadcast during the popular Much On Demand program.

    • Trevor released his first stand-up comedy DVD called Trevor Boris: Over Easy in April 2010.

    • Trevor was voted "Comedian of the Year" for 2008 by the COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities) for his outstanding performances at almost every major university and college across Canada.

    • Trevor was enrolled in tap dancing, gymnastics, and accordion classes as a child.

    • Trevor was honored to perform for the Just For Laughs Festival as a part of the "New Faces of Comedy" tour in Montreal on July 17, 2008. Trevor was the first Canadian to appear in the "New Faces" tour since 2005.

    • At the 2008 Much Music Video Awards (MMVA's), Trevor performed skits with Melanie C (from the Spice Girls), the New Kids on the Block, and Mike Myers. Trevor also wrote for the show.

    • At 18, Trevor worked 160 acres of farmland and put himself through university in Manitoba.

    • Trevor claims to be Alanis Morisette's number one fan.

    • Trevor continues to have the most appearances on VIdeo On Trial. He also produces some of the episodes.

    • Trevor was one of the writers for the 2008 and 2009 Juno Awards in Calgary and Vancouver, Canada. Trevor wrote some of the lines for host Russell Peters.

  • Quotes

    • (Asked which artist he would direct a music video for)
      Trevor: Well, I wouldn't do Lady Gaga because she would be a lot of effort; she would be very demanding. Britney would probably be easy because she sort of stumbles on set and does whatever you say.

    • (Asked whether he had expected such a huge response from VOT)
      Trevor: Oh my God, no. It just started because I've been making fun of videos on my couch for years, so now I get to do it and get paid for it. I feel like it'll never end because there'll never be a shortage of terrible videos with Britney and Lady Gaga, they're keeping my career going - God bless you Britney.

    • Trevor: (About performing at the "New Faces" tour) I'm nervous. It's crazy to be here [in Montreal]. Before I found out I'd made it into the showcase, I couldn't even imagine myself doing it. It's just one of those goals of mine that was so out there. I feel like I'm 99 per cent nerves and tension, but once I get onstage, it'll all be released.

    • Trevor: [Comedy is] ninety [percent confidence and personality]! Just look at Last Comic Standing. You see people walk into their auditions with this crazy confidence and the judges are completely won over. If you actually listened to what they are saying ... it's nothing. I feel like comedy's a lot more about that in the States. In Canada, crowds expect a little more writing.

    • Trevor: I'm the only openly gay male comic on Yuk Yuk's roster, and, sure, some comics are pretty homophobic. But none of them gives me any trouble. I'm one of the boys. I'm a big hockey fan, I love poker. I don't think I get treated any differently because I'm gay. It's weird. Being gay probably held me back for the first 20 or 22 years of my life. Not overtly, but it was something in myself. Now it's almost propelling my career.

    • Trevor: (About Alanis Morisette) I used to joke that she was the reason I went into comedy. I figured if I was famous, too, that would be my best chance [to meet her]. And since I can't sing, maybe being funny is the next best way.

  • Trevor Boris is very hilarious!

    I think that Trevor Boris is really funny and cool. I think it's awesome that he's from Manitoba. I've never seen him do comedy acts but I have seen him on video on trial. I love how he makes fun of singers music videos. His virdict or sentence for's video for I got it from my mama was to send him to north manitoba because it is so cold up there, will hardly ever see exposed skin to get him turned on. I agree. I dislike and his song I got it from my mama along with the video for it. Trevor Boris is awesome!moreless