Trevor Einhorn





11/3/1988 , Los Angeles County, California, USA

Birth Name

Trevor Elias Einhorn




Trevor Einhorn was born on November 3, 1988 in Southern California. His acting career began at five, when he co-starred with his older sister, Faryn, in the movie Disclosure, where he played Michael Douglas' son. Since then, he has played the lead role of Joey in the movie Baseketball, working with director David Zucker, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker of South Park fame. He has also appeared in Joan of Arcadia and Frasier. Working on the later for eight years helped shape his interest in directing and gave him the chance to perform with one of the most respected and talented acting ensembles on TV. He found his singing voice in high school by performing in the Gold Medal Award-winning Madrigal Choir. Because of his talent singing, he had the chance to represent his school in France and Hawaii. Combined with his acting talent, his singing led to him playing the lead roles of Winthrop in The Music Man and Albert in Bye Bye Birdie. He currently stars in ABC's new sitcom Sons & Daughters with Henry Walker. He also enjoys working with children and has been lucky enough to participate with many charity organizations that raised money to help in the fight against child abuse.