Trevor Morgan

Trevor Morgan


11/26/1986, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Trevor John Borasso



Also Known As

Trevor Borasso, Trevor John Borasso, Trevor John Morgan, Trevor J. Morgan
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Trevor began his acting career at the age of five, when a Chicago casting director spotted him in a shopping mall. She asked his mother if Trevor would be interested in auditioning for a national TV commercial. He did, and so his acting career began. He went on…more


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  • Trevor Morgan should of been a bigger star.

    I remember watching Trevor's first couple of films. I watched "Genius" and I have to admit I liked him. He is cute and I also think hes a good actor. The last time I saw him in a big movie was Jurassic Park 3 and then that was it. I have always wondered what happened to him!! Trevor used to live next to me but then after his first big gig he moved away. So anyways, Trevor is funny, cute and I miss seeing him!! A good script should pick him up and he would be so great!!! Go trev!moreless
  • Trevor Morgan started at the age of 5, now at the age of 18 - he has made some excellent movies. He is a powerful, versatile and wonderful actor. I am sure that he will go on to do some bigger, better films when he is older. Well Done!!moreless

    An excellent actor! Highly talented and destined for bigger and better things. Very versatile indeed. I have seen him in so many great movies the best being A Rumour Of Angels. I also liked Mean Creek, Jurassic Park 3 and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll Remember April and I am looking forward to Local Colour