Trevor St. John

Trevor St. John


9/3/1971, Spokane, Washington, USA

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Trevor St. John


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Trevor St. John is an American actor born in Spokane, Washington on September 3. 1971. He has appeared in many films and has worked with actors such as Mel Gibson and Eric Roberts. At the moment he is portraying the "bad boy but good at heart" Todd Manning…more


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    • (On being asked about his fitness company)
      Trevor: We teach personal trainers. I recently went to Denver, Colo., to teach biomechanics as it is related to exercise to a group of about 60 physical therapists and personal trainers. I used to be a trainer six years ago, but I educated myself to such a degree that it made sense to teach others.

    • (On being asked how does it feel working on One Life to Live)
      Trevor: I'm enjoying it quite a bit. It's such a great environment, and these people are just so generous. This is really a strange set because there aren't a lot of huge egos, even a little bit. It's a nice place to come to work; my co-workers are friendly, and the work is fun. And I get to play a really interesting character.

    • (On being asked how did you make it onto the soaps?)
      Trevor: I didn't go out for a soap until I moved to New York. I wasn't even considering soaps, but my agents talked me into it and said it's nice, steady work. The last year or two have not been great for actors — there hasn't been a lot of work out there — so I started auditioning for soaps, as well as other things.

    • (On being asked what brought you to New York City? And that most actors get to L.A. and stay there.)
      Trevor: Theater. That's what I enjoy the most. The lifestyle is completely different. The compensation is completely different, but the activity of acting I enjoy more than anything.

    • (On being asked what were you doing before you were hired at OLTL? )
      Trevor: A lot of stuff. I graduated from a place called Whitworth College in Spokane with a theater degree, then in 1993 I moved to L.A. and auditioned and did very well there. My first gig was playing a skinhead in John Singleton's Higher Learning, and I played Glenn Close's son in a TV movie called Serving In Silence. I played Kris Kristofferson's son in a Mel Gibson film called Payback. And countless guest-star roles.

    • (On being asked so how do you get a name like Trevor St. John without being British? )
      Trevor: (laughs) My father liked the name Trevor, and I think [actor] Trevor Howard is the original inspiration. St. John has an English and French descent. My middle name is Marshall. A lot of people think it's a stage name, but it's not.

    • Trevor: Working with Glenn Close was like studying acting at Yale for a semester. Actually, you didn't have to do any acting. She was so authentic that it made your job very easy. She was a very generous person. On a personal level, too, she was very sweet and a pleasure to work with. Mel Gibson was terrific, too. He is a funny man and pleasant to be around. He is a good Scrabble player. We played Scrabble in the makeup room.

    • Trevor: Soap operas are nice gigs. I never considered it before, because when I first started in L.A. there was no crossover. If you were a soap actor, you were a soap actor. If you were a model, you were a model. Now everything has so much cross-pollination that you can work in different venues. My agent said, 'You should think about doing a soap.' So I put myself out there.

    • (When being asked what was his most memorable birthday?)
      Trevor: For my 10th birthday, my dad, who was a television news reporter in Spokane, got the local news channel there to bring the helicopter to my party. We lived in the country, on farmland, and the chopper pilot came and landed in the cow pasture and took every one of my friends for a helicopter ride. It was a big surprise.

    • (When being asked When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?)
      Trevor: I wanted to be a baseball player. I played through high school -- and I'm still a huge baseball fan.

    • (When being asked what was his impressions of his co-star)
      Trevor: My first impression of Kassie (DePaiva, Blair) was a good-natured, sweet and generous woman. And after I worked with her, she was nothing but, sorry to say, a sweet, good-natured and generous woman.