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  • Is an Emmy Award winning animator, screenwriter, voice artist, producer and director. Who happens to have made one of my favorite shows on television, South Park

    Trey Parker is an astounding person. He has done some of my favorite films. Including, Team America, Orgazmo, South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut, as well as BASEketball and Cannibal the Musical. He is someone who I look up to as an aspiring creator and director, as well as someone who I would like to have a beer with. I love South Park, its my favorite animated show on television. And I also love that he loves Monty Python and british humor, I mean I am an American and I love basically everything that he loves, its great. Trey you are my hero, MAN!
  • Geniuses (this is for both Trey and Matt)

    These guys are true geniuses. They created South Park, which is one of my all-time favorite shows. I love how they take stabs at everyone, even if people think it's not socially acceptable. Another thing is how they stand up for they're rights. Take 200 & 201, they got death threats for what they were doing and even though they got censored, they stood up nd said they didn't do it, and that it Comedy Central. Also, they knowow to make good dark comedy in South Park, while also putting morals in there to show the stupidity of the lampooned's behavoir. Overall, these guys will forever be remembered among the best cartoonists ever, I commend these guys. 10/10 A+
  • Trey Parker is the co-creator of South Park and one of the few great comic minds in America today.

    As I said, Trey Parker is one of the few great comic minds in the US today. It all started in a film school in Colorado, where he, along with Matt Stone, made numerous different comical short films, using only construction paper. The inspiration for "South Park" began with a Christmas card they made called "The Joy of Christmas" and that was where the legacy began. They went on to produce the award winning Comedy Central TV show, and movie, still running on it's fourteenth season (they are signed on for 15). The show its self is oure comic genius, but the guys themselves are amazing. Aside from South Park, he (all along with Matt Stone) produduced and directed the movies "Orgazmo" and "Team America: World Police". He (they) also acted in the movie "Basketball" witch was the only movie they were in that he (they) did not direct my himself (themselves). His intereviews are hilarious to watch, as are the introductions to the earlier South Park episodes (not shown on the TV version, but you can see them online or if you purchase the first two seasons). He has a talent for exploiting things in daily life, and making light of them and showing them for what they really are. I hope there is plenty more of his work to come.
  • love him (and matt stone)

    Trey Parker and his buddy Matt Stone are two of the most controversial cartoonists of all time; watch pretty much any episode of their hit show South Park, and you'll know why; racist/sexist jokes, violence, crude humor, lot of swearing… and the topics episodes cover. There's pretty much nothing in the world that these guys won't make fun of with South Park. Nothing is off limits. These two make the show so funny because of the topics discussed, and I hope they continue the show, and maybe even make more shows. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you are both geniuses and I love you both as cartoonists.
  • One of the greatest comedic figures of this era.


    Trey Parker, along with Matt Stone, are geniuses. Their simplistic animation style seems amateurish, but it is one of the most efficient methods of animation out today. Considering that they create an episode of their legendary show, "South Park" in six days start-to-finish is astonishing and shows their work ethic and love for the show.

  • One heck of a transetter!

    He and Matt Stone really helped put Comedy Central on the map. Comedy Central was for a showcase, for comedy and comedians. But when South Park came on in the 1997 season. People thought that this new "cartoon" you could say. Really wasn't for kids at all. Due to it's cussing, making fun of religion, most notably, Jesus and sex themes. It carried an TV-M rating. That is beyond an R rating. But it worked and it was very popular when it first came out. But even though, it doesn't have the hugest ratings like it used to have. Still, it is in pop culture.
  • My role model

    Trey parker is probably one of the most creative writers and one of the most talented voice actors in the entertainment industry, all of his creations have such cunning stories that are truly timeless.

    The person who made Team America, South park (of course), Orgazmo and many more.

    He gave life to those great epics, and gave life to my favorite characters in south park.

    He portrayed almost all of the issues in south park, which mostly offended everybody especially the Scientology thing, that happened 3 years ago.

    He expressed his views in a very satiric and comedic way, that even some of us don't know the issue being tackled in the episode.

    There's nothing else I can say, even my lips can't describe this talented liberal.
  • The greatest man alive

    Trey Parker is probably one of the greatest humans alive! He works on my Favorite show of all time South Park. He has also worked on some of my favorite movies of all time such as Team America and South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut. He is always funny and has great ideas. I wish he would make more movies and expand from just doing south park when on his breaks from working on the show. The last season of south park he worked on has been his best ever and i hope his future works get better and better each year.
  • The real american, Hulk Hogan can bite on this!

    Trey Parker, the creator of south park, the hit animated show that offended many people, why? Because, they think that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are fat-a** guys with no life when there just average peple like us, they have all they same oppions as us, They this Paris Hilton is a spolied b**** and Trey said it to face (Thats when he became my role model, i wanna do that!) And half their life is based on South Park, Stan Marsh was based on Trey and Kyle was based on Matt, Trey is not a marrijuania user like Matt, that is why he is a resonable role model, and he does not want his kids watching Full House, which I totally agree. He pwns to at Warcraft.
  • Holy cow Trey Parker is friggen hot!!

    I used to have a HUGE crush on Trey before he cut his hair or maybe dye it and I'm am so jealous that he married to an Asian women. He's is so talent to Create and do lots of voices on the show as much Matt does, and the way he do Cartman's voice is exclusively awesome I mean sometimes I wounder is it intemperately always do Cartman's voice over 160 episodes probably not even one bit hard.

    Trey is my favorite person of all times even through him and Cartman are funny.
  • Great comdian.

    His movie is the best so far. Even South Park.

    I though Team America was his best movie. It's so funny,you can't get your eyes off it for one second.

    Hillarious movie.

    South Park is his best show.

    D-Yikes is the best episode of it.

    I don't know anymore to say so haha. =P
  • Totally underrated.

    Trey Parker is trés awesome. As one of the creators of "South Park," he is an idol of mine. I feel that a lot of people underestimate him. After all, South Park has gotten 10 season, while other 'clean' shows have barely lasted one season.
    Apart from creating the show, he is the one responsible for really bringing both Stan and Cartman to life, as he voices them both beautifully. I honestly can't think of anyone that could have been hired to do those voices who could have given them the personality that Trey does.
    Awesome greator, awesome guy. Lots of props to Trey Parker for being who he is.
  • He is hilarious, not just because of South Park tv show and movie, and not just because of the movies Baseketball, Orgasmo, Cannibal the musical, and Team America. He is talented and I share his views.

    I like him partly because he hates Hollywood just as much as I do. He and Matt Stone aren't Hollywood sellouts, in fact they make fun of those people, that is what I like about them. Trey Parker, is the kind of person when you watch a TV show or movie, you can just picture them figuring it out. They are extremely clever with alot of the writing on TV and in movies. I was juse watching the behind the scenes for Team America and there were alot of things I didn't notice. I'm sure they do that on TV with South Park alot too. They are subtle on some of the jokes so you have to pay attention, but it's easy because he is hilarious and so are his shows. It must be tough because Trey & Matt do almost everything together, that even in here I said they, so they get lumped together, but they are a great writing team so that's a good thing.
  • Hilarious!!!

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker are amongst some of the most creative telivsion writers known to date. After starting their careers with some low budget animations before making a hit with South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker made their mark on the telivision community.

    They are known to work in several different mediums (puppetry for Team America: World Police, frame by frame animations for early South Park eps, real movies for Basketball and computer animation for South Park) aswell as writers for most of their own stuff. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are definate faves of mine, continuously pushing the limits.
  • the creator of south park

    trey parker is the creator of south park along with matt stone he gives the audience something new to laugh at each week. One of the things that people dont know about trey is that he has a character dedicated to his father, stans father randy the geologist in south park is a replica of treys father. Tbhis is just one of the hidden gags put into each episode which he says ' gives the viewers something new to laugh about each time they watch an episode' they also did a lot of this in their film team america world police
  • He's the reason for why Comedy Central is still here. He's the reason for why people are a little less stupid now. He's the reason for why people laugh.

    The man who created South Park. It all started with Trey making a little cartoon as a christmas card to people. Luckily, George Clooney got one of them and started giving them to everyone he knew. Then, South Park was born. Trey Parker and his friend Matt Stone would then go on to make a TV show on Comedy Central. Through that, Trey has destroyed standards, caused controversy, and glorified Comedy Central. Without South Park, Comedy Central would just be some stupid channel that shows constant repeats. Thank you Trey for making south Park. Thank you for presrving Comedy Central so it could have great shows like Chappelle's Show and Reno 911! And thank you for making people think about their lives!
  • he is the god of all comedy central

    he is the creator of the one and only south park the best comedy central show ever in my opion without this guy comedy central would suck badly without this man long live trey parker long live south park i love you trey parker so overall i give you a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • He, along with Matt Stone created South Park!!

    Trey Parker does a really great job voicing Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Mr. Garrison, Terrance, Timmy and more on South Park. He and Matt had a very great idea of creating South Park and now SP is one of my favorite comendy shows that on the air. I hope he and Matt continue on developing more seasons of South Park.
  • His show is good.

    Everybody loves Trey, well I do for a bigger fan. Anyway, he got more ideas than Matt, but that doesn't mean by that. He makes episodes better to beat the rivalry cartoons such as Drawn Together and so. The best episodes I've ever seen as good, and maybe it was his ideas.
  • This man is a legend.

    Trey Parker is the best of all-time. People need to respect and enjoy his work now becuase in 10 years, that option will no longer be avalable. People think South Park is inmature, actually, it is the most mature show on tv, the comedy they use. Long story short, Trey is #1.
  • Mostly known as the creator of South Park, as well as one of the writers and voice actors of the show. From looking at the credits, Trey does more work on the show than Matt Stone, who also helped him create South Park.

    God knows what is in Trey Parker's twisted mind. He has many silly, creative ideas and plots for South Park.
    He is one of the best voice actors in the world of entertainment. Pretty much all of his creative voices for his characters sound fantastic. Trey applies for the voices of Cartman, Stan, Randy Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Timmy, and Craig. He can also do hilarious voices of famous celebraties such as Mel Gibson, Rob Reiner, and Russel Crowe. He can even immitate famous women.
    Trey has a perfect tone whenever he's doing any voice.
    He should do voices for other shows outside of his studio.