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Trey Wingo

Trey Wingo

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  • Roger's Live TV Interview

    What is wrong with you guys? Did you hear yourselves talking? You are giving him no slack and you expect to him tell you what is happening with the investigations when that is not right. If you were doing an investigation on a subject would you release information when it is not complete? Let the thing play out. It takes time for this to happen. You really don't want him to tell you half truths; wouldn't you rather that he have all of the pertinent information before reporting on the matter? Yes, he made a mistake, where is his second chance? As for all of the participants on your show, are they so clean that they can throw the first stone? Let the process play out please. Enough of this condemning the man before you know all of the outcome. Perhaps, he is doing the best he can at the moment and cannot do any more before all of the investigation is complete. Sometimes instant is not so instant! :)moreless