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  • Tricia Helfer currently plays Number Six on Battlestar Galactica (2003).

    Tricia Helfer is one of the most talented actresses on both Battlestar Galactica (2003) and TV as a whole. She plays the role of Number Six to perfection. If you ask me, Number Six is the new Seven Of Nine in the world of science fiction TV. For someone who didn't have very much acting experience at all before joining the cast of Battlestar Galacitca (2003), she plays the role of the complex and villionous Number Six quite well. Her performance on the show was one of the very first things that drew me into the show and got me hooked on the show. She gives a new prespective to the idea of a treachorous vilian by making making the character Number Six vulnerable at the same time. One of my personal hobbies is to write scripts for TV shows, and if I ever get to have them made into a real TV show, Tricia will be one of the very first actresses that I offer a part in one of scripts. I would feel truly honored to have her in one of my shows. Here's to hoping that Tricia goes on to achieve great success.
  • She's hot

    This girl is very sexy. When I look at her, I think to myself "boy oh boy, I would like to have sexual relations with her". In fact, I think that about most girls on tv...actresses are hot. But they are usually dumb as dirt, or just plain annoying. But that doesn't mean I don't want to make out with each and everyone of them! BOOBS!
  • good actor

    she is great as Number 6,I wish she and this show would get awards or something, he way she plays the Seductress in Baltars mind is genius, as well as the other versions of 6,it would take a good actoor to make the subtle differance in playing the same person, several times over with just subtle changes, love her
  • Tricia Helfer is absolutely stunning, not to mention a great actress!

    Tricia Helfer is absolutely wonderful in Battlestar Galactica. I love her character as Number 6, she’s gorgeous, and mysterious at the same time. I would love to see her in more things, because I think she’s very talented and a beauty to witness on screen. Overall I love Tricia Helfer, and Recommend checking her out in Battlestar Galactica!
  • Great Actress!

    I love her in battlestar galactica. She has made many appearances in shows but battlestar is the one she is known for. I really think she is one of the up and coming actresses. The first thing that you notice is her beauty. There is so much more to her though! Her acting is very good and I would love to start seeing her in major roles in movies. I think she will flourish.
  • Fabulous model. She\'s the full package. A great body, acting ability, modelling ability and beauty. BUT bad hosting skills.

    Fabulous model. She\'s the full package. A great body, acting ability, modelling ability and beauty.
    Honestly, I love her. Her acting is amazing and believeable. The transformation from Battlestar to Canadas Next Top Model is so unbelieveable. She seems to \'herself\' on CNTM but on Battlestar, she\'s so.. different. She really takes the script to heart. On the red carpet at the MMVAs she seemed so laid back.
    Anyway, I love her original ideas on CNTM and her hosting ability needs improvement but she\'s stunning. She could act more confident on camera on CNTM but I don\'t know why she chooses not to. Hosting should be a breeze for her but she\'s so awkward and robotic.
    Anyway, she\'s gorgeous and she\'s got talent. She takes her roles into consideration and always makes for a good performance.
    Maybe she should closely watch CNTM and take into consideration her bad hosting.
  • Tricia has got the whole package: Beauty, brains, and she can ACT!

    Tricia has got the whole package: Beauty, brains, and she can ACT!

    Sure, the first thing anyone would notice is something along the lines of, "Wow - she is totally hot". But, as time went on, Tricia has proven to have acting chops as well.

    Hopefully, they have more ideas in mind to continue Tricia's character development.