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    • Tricia: (about the development of artificial intelligence from FHM Magazine) Artificial intelligence can be dangerous, but it's part of that journey. It's interesting how the original premise of Battlestar Galactica-that man creates his own nemeses - is so relevant right now.

    • Tricia: (about men) I've never gone for the smooth, suave Latin or French lover. That usually makes me think they're trying to pull one over on me. I lump Canada and the States together. I like good old North American boys.

    • Tricia: Hands are a big thing for me. Those are my trigger points. I really like them to be manly.

    • Tricia: I think I sort of blossomed, so to speak, around 17. I started to get hips and put on weight, which I was very happy about. And that's when I met this agent, who told me I had to lose 10 pounds. I said, 'You've got to be kidding me. I finally got it on—I'm not losing it!

    • Tricia: I would change the push for women to look like Playmate Barbie dolls, that is just ridiculous.