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  • Brought on to Boy Meets World as a way to stem Racial criticism, her character was actually distracting.

    First theres the character she played. Angela was brought into boy meets world to give Shawn a counterpart, they could not have created a worse character to fulfill this goal. Whiny, annoying and very often a downer she brought out the worst in Strongs previously colorful character. When Angela came onto the scene, Shawn went from playful, devil-may-care, goofy, reliable, ladies man side-kick to the shows main character, Cory, to an introspective, boring version of his formerself. Luckily Rider Strong is a good enough actor to pull off this change but I couldn't help but notice something was amiss.

    Second, theres the quality of her acting. From that little pouty, annoying looking face that she has ALL THE TIME, to the fact that she never just normally acts. She either blantantly over-acts or lazily underacts. Either way, giving Shawn a counterpart in someways was a good idea, they just cast the wrond person.